Prophet’s Year in Review: What a Year It’s Been!

Celebrating a great year with happy numbers–new hires, new transfers, new babies.

2 min


For the last decade, the powers of technology and a hard-working task force have enabled Propheteers from around the globe to come together and join in celebration of the year’s many accomplishments and to spread a little holiday cheer. It’s late in the evening (and fun-filled!) for our Asian colleagues, and very (very!) early for our friends on the West coast of the US (where Santa-themed pajamas have become the norm for attire). No matter the time zone, we’re all there because it’s our annual Prophet Year in Review. The celebration has become an occasion to catch up, toast our colleagues across the globe and celebrate all that makes us uniquely Prophet.

We Had a Wonderful 2018 at Prophet

The Year in Review is a celebration of culture and personality, client successes and personal milestones. From the amount of tea drunk by designers in London, to the total hours spent building PowerPoint decks by our strategists in Asia, to the number of different segments named by our data scientists in Chicago, we celebrate. From big marketing wins (hello Brand Relevance Index®), to the number of airline miles traveled, to the number of new Propheteers that joined the firm, all major milestones get a nod. And it has been quite a remarkable year.

We invite you to peek into what we think makes our firm so special and see some of what we celebrated together. 2018 was amazing. Here’s to a happy, successful and safe 2019!