International Women’s Day: How will you forge a gender equal world?

We used #EachForEqual to challenge colleagues to describe how they are working toward gender equality.

An equal world is an enabled world.

At Prophet, we believe that it takes a collective group of individuals to shift culture and that each person plays a part in creating a more gender-equal world. This year’s International Women’s Day theme, #EachforEqual, aligns closely with Prophet’s goal of becoming a more inclusive and equal workplace – one person at a time. At the frontlines of advancing gender equality, Prophet’s Women in Leadership (WiL) team works to create opportunities throughout the year to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness against bias, drive inclusive behavior and accelerate the advancement of women in our workplace.

This International Women’s Day, our WiL team encouraged Propheteers to participate in the #EachforEqual campaign by asking, “How will you forge a gender-equal world?” These are their answers:

“I will be vigilant about continuously challenging my own biases, and those of others.”

Davis Ward, Associate Partner

“I will work with younger girls through Girls on the Run to empower the next generation of strong, female leaders, encouraging them to achieve their goals not only in running, but also in making our world a better place. I want a culture that embraces “like a girl,” not one that uses it as a criticism.”

Meredith Wright, Associate

“I will dare to be different and support others to do the same.”

Claire Brown, Senior Associate

“I will empower my female colleagues.”

Kelly Friedel, Senior Associate, Design Resourcing

“I will try to be an ally to all and challenge my peers to do the same”

Pete Cybriwsky, Associate

“I will challenge stereotypes and celebrate women’s achievements”

Sonia Molenda, Project Executive Assistant

“I will find ways to support women in the arts, sciences, politics, and other fields where women are still underrepresented.”

Abigail Murray, Marketing Design Associate

“I will keep talking about it. The more we talk about it, the more we think about it. The more we think about it, the more we do something about it.”

Paul Schrimpf, Partner

“I will avoid the ‘female competition trap’ – knowing we’re all in it together and can do more when we stand by each other.”

Tanvi Kulkarni, Associate

“I will share my experiences and ensure I understand others’ experiences – driving impact from empathy.”

Ashlee Davidhizar, Associate Partner

“I will confidently lean into new opportunities and challenges.”

Michelle Galliani, Marketing Associate

“I will fearlessly own my work and ideas.”

Illana Manaster, Director of Verbal Branding

“I will seek to understand the root of the problem, the “why,” and offer solutions based on that.”

Alejandra McBride, Executive Assistant

“I will sponsor and support women in their career development.”

Jeff Gourdji, Partner

“I will commit to finding ways to open doors of opportunity to everyone, beyond just those for whom doors have always been open”

Merritt Robinson, Associate Partner

“I will engage in more deliberate discussions around women and leadership and openly celebrate women I admire.”

Taylor Riedeman, Senior Associate, Verbal Branding


Prophet’s Women in Leadership team understand that it’s relatively easy to support gender equality, in general terms. Translating that commitment to specific actions and behaviors, though, is far more challenging. What will you do to make the workplace more equitable?