Pride Month 2020: Celebrating Our Culture of Authenticity

Our LGBTQIA+ colleagues share what it’s like to live out loud at Prophet.

At Prophet, one of our values is “fearlessly human.” This value leads both our culture and our work with clients. We are passionate about keeping Prophet an inclusive, welcoming place, where each person is empowered to bring their most authentic self to work each day.

While we are proud to support our Pride at Prophet community every day, Pride Month presents a special opportunity to focus on the stories of our LGBTQ+ colleagues.

“By challenging established perspectives and trying to always stay authentic to who I am – what I do, think and feel.”

Falkmar Finke, Associate

“I refer to my husband with his name regularly in day-to-day work and early in client relationships.”

Mat Zucker, Partner

“I out myself with clients in charming, digestible ways and enjoy that some clients who were awkward now send their love to my partner Steve.”

Robert Throckmorton, Principal

“When I worked elsewhere, I sometimes was vague about the pronouns of the person I was dating because I wasn’t sure how people would react. At Prophet, I’ve always felt comfortable letting my colleagues in and sharing my joy. It comes through my sharing stories about my wife, inviting colleagues to my wedding, and dressing in clothes that make me feel like the most authentic version of myself.”

Colette Lelchuk, Senior Engagement Manager

“I talk about raising my children in a two-dad family, with my loving parenting partner-in-crime Santiago. I gently correct prospects and clients when they make hetero-normative assumptions about me. I sponsor and lead pro-bono work for LGBTQ+ civil rights and social change organizations at Prophet, and network actively with LGBTQ+ business leaders through YPO and other forums around the globe.”

Michael Dunn, CEO

“I can always tell the truth about who I am and don’t have to be afraid of being judged.”

Qi Si, Engagement Manager

“I always look for ways to share my personal life and interests with those around me at work (both team members and clients) – which sometimes manifests as me using Queer Eye or RuPaul’s Drag Race to make a point.”

David Sherin, Associate Partner

“I don’t feel like I ever had to “come out” at Prophet. I never have to think twice about including my husband when I talk about weekend activities or travel plans. But bringing my whole self doesn’t stop there; it’s nerding out on the latest Star Wars, sharing countless dog photos, and drooling over the latest LEGO sets. There’s a real culture here about sharing — and celebrating! — everything about who you are.”

Jase Wells, Director of Applications Development

“I create a working environment where my colleagues can be their whole selves, by bringing my ‘whole self’ to the table too. Making time and space for jokes and problems or wins in our personal lives, in our daily standup meetings. Being brutally honest about what I did over the weekend. Venting about being a minority or second-generation immigrant, sharing parts of myself that others may not completely relate to but are willing to learn more about. Voicing all my vulnerabilities, quirks, and desires… so you have no choice but to share more about you with me too!”

Shivani Verma, Engagement Manager

“Being vulnerable and open about how I’m feeling, my own sense of identity and where I feel anxiety, as a door to listening and learning about how others feel about their identity, how they are treated, whether they feel accepted and what each of us uniquely experience every day. We’re all equally glorious and messy, and it’s important to support and celebrate our individual humanity in its entirety.”

Abram Sirignano, Partner 

I bring my whole self, share my own vulnerabilities, embrace the quirks of who I am as an individual and try to create a space which enables and actively encourages others to do the same. I enjoy spending time with teams and want to know about their real lives, what makes them tick, to laugh until we cry, and to bring to the surface the human side of what we do.” 

Jess Holdcroft, Partner

“Anyone who knows me will who heartedly agree that I do not hide who I am or sugarcoat for anyone. I learned this confidence from a work standpoint from my two lesbian friends (now married) who never hid their sexuality in either of their jobs. I do my best to create a place where there is no judgment for being different. We are with our coworkers for 40+hrs a week, why wouldn’t you want to have a place to be your beautiful human authentic self?.” 

Ginay Knight, Senior Payroll Specialist

“How I try to create a comfortable environment? I think it is important to not take yourself too seriously and share a bit of your personal life. If as a leader you are approachable and open, it makes it easier for others to be themselves at work too.” 

Alan Casey, Partner

“I aim to be real, human and supportive with everyone I interact with. Presenting my whole self so everyone else feels able to do the same. I also focus on getting to know who people are outside of a work environment – their interests, who is important in their life, what they listen to and watch. I aim to listen – to be a friend, a support system, a cheerleader – even if I may not know exactly what someone is experiencing.” 

Julia Dowling, Engagement Manager

“I believe that our product is our people.  Creating and supporting a culture where people can be themselves, is the best way for us to grown as a company and as individuals.  The best ideas and best work comes when we can all bring our unique perspectives and points of view. I encourage everyone to own our culture, not to let it be owned by a select group of leaders.” 

Kara Franey, Director of Talent Development


Through community-building and mentorship, education and training, and recruiting and marketing, our Pride at Prophet team strives to ensure our firm is a place where every LGBTQ+ employee can be their authentic self. At Prophet, we trust that if you’re your fearlessly human self, you’ll be set up to thrive at work. Learn more about Life at Prophet.

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