Racial Justice Resources Fueling Conversations and Inspiring Actions

Our colleagues share 58 resources for learning more about racial justice, including where it comes from and how to change it.

Last week we committed to listening to and learning from voices in the Black community. During that time we paused all Prophet channels’ content to participate in the #AmplifyMelanatedVoices campaign. Colleagues across our firm are committed to learning about the Black community and the systems of oppression that have made racial inequity and injustice so deeply rooted in America.

While we were silent externally, there was no shortage of dialogue happening internally. We gathered – across our 12 global offices – to listen to our colleagues share their own lived experiences, feelings and stories. Offices hosted virtual roundtables to unpack raw emotions, share personal pledges to combat racial injustice and brainstorm actions Prophet needs to take to transform our culture in equitable ways. Conversations happened in a variety of formats throughout the week. They were thoughtful, deep and difficult, but necessary to inform purposeful action.

Our work can wait, fighting racism cannot.

This Friday, Propheteers around the globe will unplug for a day of rest and reflection. We’ve been given the day away from client and internal work to spend in a way that feels right to each individual – recharging, learning, serving, protesting. Most of all, we are encouraged to use the day to think about our own way forward – on our own, with our friends and family and with our communities.

In the meantime, and as one can imagine, spending a full week listening and learning led us to many amazing resources. We couldn’t possibly list them all. Instead, we chose ten in each category. By no means is this list exhaustive.

Here are some of the resources that have fueled Propheteers’ conversations and inspired actions:                                            

What to Watch (Long):

What to Watch (Short):

What to Listen To (Podcasts):

What to Read (Books):

What to Read (Posts/Articles/Poems):

Organizations to Support: 

“Our work can wait, fighting racism cannot.”


We are taking what we learned to accelerate our internal work to intentionally restructure our talent pipeline, train employees to recognize and unlearn biases and build a more inclusive and educated company culture globally. We are committed to ensuring that our conversations and actions will not stop after the news cycle does. Black lives matter. Racial justice matters. Racial equity matters.