A Consultant’s Gift Guide: Digital Tools Edition

Nine gift ideas bound to make your co-workers happy.

‘Tis the season of gratitude and gifting… and we believe nothing says “I am grateful for you” than setting your team up for success with the right resources. Whether it’s for personal productivity, virtual teaming or culture building, there are so many tools out there to help you work smarter.

This holiday season, take our consultants’ advice and “gift” these digital tools to your teams. You’ll experience good tidings and stronger business results well into the new year.

For the Team That’s Always Brainstorming


Whether your team needs a platform for brainstorming, quickly mocking up a framework or even just creating deliverables, this whiteboarding tool is extremely intuitive. Not to mention, it offers an escape from the oh-so-over done PPT-formatted slides (did someone say virtual sticky notes?). Our clients prefer this format too because it feels more collaborative and helps us work in agile.


With ready-to-use templates and intuitive collaborative features, Mural will help you level up any workshop. It also makes it fun – with celebration confetti and even GIFs embedded into the dashboard. By creating a free Mural account, you’ll have access to on-demand learning courses to help with the tool and improve your virtual teaming.

For the Team That Loves Taking Notes


OneNote is a favorite for individual note-takers. It helps our Propheteers keep track of to-dos and with the checkbox bullet feature, they also get the satisfaction of crossing something off the list. OneNote makes it easy to search for terms and pull them up quickly for reference.


Otter, a leader in AI for voice conversations, is a godsend for any qualitative interviews or meetings where you don’t want to miss a word. It can be a lot to juggle vigorous note-taking while engaging over Zoom. The Otter Assistant takes one thing off your plate – transcribing meetings so you don’t have to.

For the Team That Needs To Up Its Project Management Game


An easy-to-use, Kanban-style, visual to-do list. Users set up individual ‘cards’ to track everything you need for a project – checklists, deadlines, category tags, file uploads, etc. Switch the view from Timeline to Calendar for different formats that make it easy to stay on task and on deadline. Trello also allows users to set up multiple boards and have access to teammates’ lists to monitor what they are working on.


ClickUp, an all-in-one project management tool, helps users break the work into small parts, assign responsibility and ultimately, check items off their list. The tool provides a single ledger for everyone to reference, a shared structure that is easily customized to fit project needs. It also has built-in automation tools that shuffle priorities based on user actions… powerful, useful, unforgettable! is another great option for teammates looking for a tool that can easily track progress visibility and accountability. manages everything in one place – with a more vertical listicle style (with options to view as a timeline, map, calendar or Kanban) and plenty of templates for teams to customize and leverage for different use cases. Like all project management tools, requires full team buy-in to be successful.

For the Team That’s Always Asking, “Any Other Thoughts?”

Team Retro

A great product for soliciting ideas, recommendations and reflections. Team Retro helps you “read the room” – offering anonymous and independent voting functions that can help eliminate group think and accelerate decision making. Propheteers love how flexible it can be, allowing users to toggle between anonymous responses or choose to reveal/hide answers. Best of all, you don’t need an account to participate, which makes it perfect for getting engagement from clients or remote individuals in lieu of in-person meetings.


Menti, an interactive presentation software, is awesome for engaging large groups during presentations. The awkward silence killer helps teams create polls, quizzes and word clouds – creating real-time fun experiences. Not to mention, teams love leveraging the data (easily exported) when the presentation is all over to develop further analysis on the group’s thoughts, needs and wants. By integrating Menti into weekly meetings, teams can track responses over time, compare the data and understand the progress of the audience.

“This holiday season, give yourself and your team the gift of efficiency, organization and productivity.”


The “why fix if it isn’t broke” mentality is legit. These tools are not out to fix your working habits but to optimize and improve the remote working experience. This holiday season, give yourself and your team the gift of efficiency, organization and productivity. Cheers!

What tools are working for you and your team? How are you optimizing the remote working experience? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out today.