Jumpstarting 2024 Marketing Planning: Doing More With Less 


9 AM PST | 11 AM CST | 12 PM EST | 5 PM BT


Do more with less has been the corporate mantra for marketers in 2023, with 71% of CMOs reporting they lack sufficient budgets to execute their strategies, according to the annual Gartner 2023 CMO Spend and Strategy Survey. As many marketers focus on how they plan to close their revenue gaps in 2023 and begin 2024 planning, the “do more with less” directive can feel like an especially bitter pill.

But creative and agile marketing leaders don’t give up when facing uncertainty. They reflect, establish new ways of working and find creative ways to deliver maximum value with their current resources.

Join Prophet’s Kate Price and Mat Zucker along with panelist Chris Rector, Chief Marketing Officer at GAF Roofing and Lisa Bialecki, Vice President, Strategic Communications and Demand Generation at Rust-Oleum, for a discussion on how marketers can close out 2023 strong and head into 2024 planning with the right strategies to drive meaningful growth with limited resources. During this webinar, our experts will dive into the seven critical steps needed to effectively balance brand and demand marketing agendas with constrained resources to help you identify three action items you can implement immediately.   

Key Takeaways

In our latest report, “Marketers 2023 and 2024 Planning Do More With Less Bootcamp,” we uncovered seven critical steps marketing leaders can take to balance brand and demand marketing agendas: 

  1. Translate Business Objectives Into Quantified Customer Goals 
  2. Evaluate Your Marketing Priorities 
  3. Prioritize Moments That Matter The Most in Your Customer’s Journey 
  4. Sharpen Your Value Propositions 
  5. Give Your Creative Assets a Make-Over  
  6. Leverage AI to Do More With Less 
  7. Elevate Scenario Planning 

Jumpstarting 2024 Marketing Planning: Doing More With Less 

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