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Disruption creates opportunities for change and growth. Altimeter helps leaders thrive by providing research and advisory on how to leverage disruptive technologies. We take a holistic, yet pragmatic approach to understanding the intersection of technology and the human side of business.

We are focused on the front end of disruption. We help leaders clearly see the road ahead, make the tough decisions early, and thrive in the face of change. We give insight into what is important and why, what to do about it, and how to do it well.


Most firms tackle disruption from a technology perspective. Altimeter takes a holistic approach by looking at the business implications of disruption across roles, industries, stakeholders, and technologies. This approach reflects how real organizations work and results in more sustainable strategies.


Altimeter research is applied and brought to life in our client engagements.

Our analysts focus their research and client work on some of today’s hottest business topics: digital transformation, innovation, digital sales and marketing, customer experience and social business strategy.

Altimeter’s speakers are inspiring and entertaining while remaining eminently approachable – we will energize and inform your audience.


An Altimeter analyst can lead a workshop to spark leadership and employee engagement during your next retreat or strategy session.

Thought Leadership

Whether to generate demand or influence your clients and prospects, Altimeter creates compelling thought leadership content to fit your needs.


The Altimeter team develops strategies and plans that help companies act on disruptive business and technology trends.

Altimeter Research

Altimeter is the only leading analyst firm to publish free independent research. We pioneered the open research model, and everything we produce — from formal reports, to presentations and webinars — is released with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use our work freely with the appropriate citations.


Altimeter’s 2022 Trends in Digital Transformation

We’re used to social media, cloud computing, mobile and AI. Now we’re poised to prepare for the next big one.



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