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Meet Our Speakers

Ed Terpening is a Senior Industry Analyst at Altimeter. Ed has spent the past 35 years working for leading brands like Apple, Cisco, CNET/CBS Interactive and Wells Fargo lead the charge in digital innovation. At Apple, he lead a team focused on data visualization and data warehouse tools. At Cisco he ran cisco.com and launched their first intranet and e-commerce store. At CNET he founded their first “community team” (a precursor to “social media”) in 2000, which launched user ratings/reviews to CNET.com and message boards to NEWS.com. At Wells Fargo, Ed founded the first social media team of any national bank, launching the first blog and many breakthrough programs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. He has authored numerous research reports on topics ranging from social media and selling to IoT.

Ed is also an internationally known artist, recognized with a cover story in American Artist Magazine, the largest arts magazine in the US at the time. His paintings can be found in collections worldwide. Ed also serves on the boards of nonprofits to aid in their own digital transformation.

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Areas of Expertise

Social Media

Digital Selling

Internet of Things (IoT)

Social Business

Digital Governance

Digital Strategy

Speaking Topics

Social Media in Regulated Industries

The Power of the Employee Advocacy in Social Media

The Digital Transformation of Selling

Recognizing the Power of Governance to Execute Social Business Strategy

IoT and the Digital Transformation of Location and Customer Experience

Global Trends in IoT Consumer Adoption

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Omar Akhtar is an industry analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet Company where he publishes research and advises companies on digital marketing innovation. His recent areas of focus include content strategy, data-driven personalization, customer experience technology and multi-channel marketing. He is also researching the new field of augmented and virtual reality.

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Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing

Content Strategy

Digital Transformation

Speaking Topics

How to Choose the Right Content Strategy

Unifying Data and Platforms For Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Evaluating Martech Tools Based on Business Needs

The Future of Digital Personalization

Innovation in Digital Marketing

Enterprise Use Cases for Augmented and Virtual Reality in Business

How to Organize for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Innovation: Trends and Best Practices

Content Innovation: Trends and Best Practices

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