Damien is the executive producer of Prophet CoLab, an internal team dedicated to creating and delivering holistic, multi-channel advertising for clients. Damien specializes in creative execution and has a vast network of production resources and the production expertise to shepherd ideas and tactics through execution.

He has produced award-winning creative campaigns across a full gamut of channels (from the traditional to emerging medias) for a wide range of brands including Clorox, General Motors, BCBS, Disney, Hershey’s, Kraft, US Open, Marriott, SC Johnson, and more. In addition to large-scale production, Damien also loves Photography and Line-Producing as a personal passion.

Damien is a native of Detroit, MI but has spent his entire career in the Chicago market after graduating from Ferris State University. He is heavily involved in the Chicago charitable organization Off the Street Club, and resides in Chicago, IL with his wife Isabel and dog Matilda.

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