As an Associate Partner in the Insights & Analytics practice, Kyle primarily focuses on quantitative projects, specifically bridging the gap between insights and actionability. A strong believer in quality and objectivity, he loves to make sure his clients are taking advantage of high-powered techniques in pricing, segmentation, targeting and value proposition creation, and works to ensure any method used is both the right one and is approachable for all involved in the project.

Prior to joining Prophet, Kyle led the Advanced Analytics practice at Known Global, a marketing strategy and data science company, where he worked with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, VMware and others in the technology and media space. In particular, he helped his hi-tech clients optimize and set new value-based pricing models as they transitioned from perpetual to subscription licenses or introduced novel products and services to the market.

He has also worked as a Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson in the pharmaceuticals division.

Kyle is a graduate of UT-Austin (Sociology) and Vanderbilt University (MBA).

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