Creating the “We’re a go” digital campaign


When the words “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” were uttered, they were heard by millions of Americans through Plantronics audio.  To celebrate its part in Apollo 11’s spaceflight on the 50th Anniversary of this momentous event, Poly asked Prophet to create a campaign that would connect their past to the present, and the Poly and Plantronics brands together.


Working as an integrated team, Prophet and Springbox crafted three campaign concepts before selecting one to build into a multi-channel campaign. Executions included a microsite, paid and organic social media posts including video, display advertising and materials for a gala event and launch at the NYSE.


The campaign far exceeded the goals established by Poly – with more than double the number of social engagements and over five times the number of views on the microsite. Together we built a powerful, engaging campaign that shared Poly’s unique story and relentless relevance 50 years later.

In Nov. 2019, the Prophet and Springbox teams won two North America Transform Awards for their work with Poly.

  • SILVER award for ‘Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition’
  • BRONZE award for ‘Best visual identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector’

Five Wins at the North America Transform Awards


DB Schenker

Defining a purpose with the power to transform


For more than 145 years, DB Schenker has been supporting industry and trade in the global exchange of goods. With a commitment to continuous innovation, and in order to keep its place as the global industry leader, over the years the German logistics firm had merged and acquired numerous businesses to facilitate this success and growth. However, the mash-up of cultures resulting from this activity was impacting performance. Prophet was enlisted to develop a strategic purpose for DB Schenker that would unite is 76,000 employees around the world, guide actions and connect stakeholders.


Working with the management board and the next generation of leaders, we developed a powerful, motivating purpose statement articulating what DB Schenker stands for and their ambition to become an innovative market shaper in logistics:

‘We advance businesses and lives by shaping the way our world connects’, revolves around the contribution each DB Schenker employee makes in running the global operations of thousands of businesses and the impact that has on improving their customers’ lives. One large customer, for example, relies on hundreds of DB Schenker employees – situated worldwide – to move its products around the globe, to retail stores, and into people’s homes.

To bring the new purpose to life and drive DB Schenker’s culture transformation, Prophet also developed a set of supporting values rooted in the firm’s over 145-year-old heritage they are designed to guide how people go about doing their work and decision-making across all levels of the business.


Launched as part of DB Schenker’s global employee engagement program #weareschenker, the new purpose and values were well-received by the thousands of employees and continues to be a huge source of pride bolstering the brand and the business alike. DB Schenker is already seeing results, with public recognition from the industry, named the ‘Best Logistics Brand in Germany’, a testament to how the business utilizes its decades of experience and expertise to always provide customers with the best solution.



From co-working to pro-working


London is leading the global market in the co-working sector. With over 1,000 spaces, the competition is intense. After investing close to £400 million to acquire a number of striking buildings across central London, Brockton Capital, the investor behind Camden Lock, Curzon Street and Realpubs, was ready to bring something new and unique to the market. They engaged Prophet to identify a gap in the co-working space that Brockton could uniquely fill and to achieve new growth opportunities within an already crowded market.


Prophet moved beyond the hipster, t-shirt and jean crowds of WeWork to a new professional or ‘pro-working’ space that goes beyond just supplying a desk. The spaces offer a more curated, members’ club approach to cater to a different kind of co-working clientele. The solution reimagined the brand experience and redefined what the term co-working could mean with premium hotel-style hospitality, destination restaurant, lobby bar, yoga studios and tech-enabled boardrooms.

“We started by speaking to the people that matter most – those potential customers who would be using the space – to begin the journey of developing the relevant value proposition and customer experience to address their needs,” said Gregg Finlay, Associate Partner and Creative Director at Prophet. “Extensive research and insights led us to the simple truth that became the core and driving force behind the brand: space to be brilliant.’’

From these insights came the inspiration for the name we developed: FORA. A Latin word and plural of ‘forum’- where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.


From developing the name to defining the brand identity and superior value proposition, the FORA brand clearly differentiates itself from its competitors by standing out as a working space for high-achieving professionals across industries. It has become the fastest growing player in the co-working space, expanding its locations in London and beyond as customers champion the premium experience.


Embarc Collective

Creating a destination for diverse startup talent


Tampa Bay is one of the fastest-growing regions in the U.S. and has great potential to become a vital resource for innovation and technology. An innovation hub will be opened to serve as a central location to bring together startup founders, accelerators and incubators, mentors and other resources for the growth of new businesses in the region.

To ensure the success of the hub, as well as the revitalization and growth of the broader region, Prophet was asked to help build a unique brand identity, including a compelling brand story, directive brand persona and unique visual system.


Prophet was retained to develop a new brand, name and visual system for the innovation hub. We started by conducting research to understand key success factors for startup ecosystems, touring other innovation hubs and interviewing key stakeholders. We also conducted research on the competitive landscape, aiming to understand the startup infrastructure, current unmet needs in the market and opportunities for differentiation.

The articulated brand narrative and key offerings allowed the innovation hub to take further shape and develop a sense of identity. Using Prophet’s rigorous creative and strategic process, we explored and selected a name and visual attributes for the hub. The process consisted of multiple rounds of name generation, screenings and filtering. Embarc Collective rose to the top as it perfectly represented the hub’s objectives: to be an inclusive community space for entrepreneurs and their teams to launch and build enduring businesses.

In developing the visual identity for Embarc Collective, their logo became the building blocks for the graphic system, celebrating the future-thinking mindset of the startup community. This foundation was used to inform the broader visual system, using rectangular forms to build a cohesive graphic language. The end result was a complete set of brand guidelines for the visual identity system, ensuring consistent execution of the brand across all touchpoints.


Embarc Collective had a successful launch in 2019 with a distinct name, strategic approach and brand identity that differentiates them within their local Tampa Bay community.

This work received a bronze award for print collateral at the 2019 International Design Awards.


Alight Solutions

Bringing to life a new company’s brand purpose and positioning


Aon Plc, a leading global professional services firm, providing a range of risk, reinsurance and human resource solutions, decided in early 2017 to sell its benefits administration and HR BPO platforms. The new company had to determine how to define itself in a relevant, fresh and genuine way, in an ever-changing, tech-savvy and increasingly B2C world.

This task required balance: leveraging the incredible experience of the company and its people, while taking a fresh look at health, wealth, HR and finance solutions; harnessing the power of technology and data, while appreciating that they ultimately exist to take care of people and their families. The leadership team needed to preserve the things that made the new company special while pushing toward a new frontier. The new company needed to define its point-of-view and quickly align around the vision. With three and a half months to do what would typically take a year, it was a race against time, and Prophet and the leadership team needed to be in lockstep in every phase of work and decisive at every juncture.

The challenge was clear – how to articulate and bring to life the new company’s purpose and brand positioning with a new brand name and visual identity that reflected its spirit and intention.


Prophet conducted a variety of research studies to inspire the development of the new company and brand. We interviewed stakeholders and customers, and looked at close competitors and emerging startups both inside and outside the category. The research pointed to one important insight – the new company wanted to not only provide security to people, but to leverage its technology platform, data and ecosystem of partners to make it easier for people and their families to thrive in work and life.

Prophet partnered closely with the new company’s marketing group to guide the executive leadership team in defining its brand purpose, values, positioning, new brand name, visual identity and brand voice.


Within three and a half months, the new company defined its reason for being and aligned on how it would express itself. On June 6, 2017, Alight Solutions was introduced to the world. Reflected in its bold visual identity, Alight promises to simplify and enhance work and life by “reimagining how people and organizations thrive.”

By relentlessly focusing on the end-user, leveraging its strong heritage and expertise and creating inspired new ways of working, Alight is charting a course for business growth.

“The work we’ve done together here resonates because we didn’t let the truncated timeframe excuse us from the fundamental steps in the process. We committed to validating across all stakeholder groups: colleagues, customer-care representatives, leaders and clients. The enthusiasm and energy reflects the care we’ve taken to define this bold, new day for Alight.”

Maggie Lower
EVP, Marketing at Alight Solutions



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Repositioning to support business transformation


After being taken private by a group of investors, BMC was restructured into five distinct business units representing key product lines. Management was given the mandate to drive growth with core IT audiences and emerging business buyers.

But BMC was poorly positioned to win, due to low awareness and consideration in several key product areas. There was a lack of clarity in the market about what BMC stood for and even a lack of conviction that the brand could become relevant in a digital-first economy.

Prophet was hired to develop a “Golden Thread” brand strategy that would unite BMC’s product system under a common umbrella, differentiate the company against existing and emerging competitors, and ultimately, position BMC as a relevant brand across all lines of IT and digital service management.


We started by mapping the IT and digital service management categories, laying out buying center dynamics, customer needs and competitive solutions in a holistic view of the current state. This mapping enabled us to identify entirely new possibilities for the brand – ones that could be credible for BMC to deliver based on its production system and capabilities.

We identified and explored four territories that could drive relevance, credibility differentiation, and ultimately devised a new positioning for BMC as the “DNA of the Digital Enterprise” that significantly modernized the brand, re-ignited relevance and consideration, and established a platform for differentiated growth. The positioning squarely established BMC as a key player in helping businesses become more digital.

Working in partnership with Moving Brands in San Francisco, we used the strategy to help guide the development of BMC’s updated logo and identity system. Prophet then worked with the GMs across the company to develop BU-specific narratives and product messaging aligned to the new brand strategy.


The strategy has helped drive incredible business impact for BMC and its investors. The company has achieved:

  • $1B in new revenues and a number of new global customer accounts
  • An emerging reputation in digital
  • Share gains vs. large-cap competitors
  • Worldwide acclaim from industry analysts
  • Significant ROI on private equity investment