Modernizing a healthcare leader’s purpose and values


Lantheus has been a pioneer in the healthcare industry, creating next-generation diagnostics and targeted therapeutics that delivered better patient outcomes since 1956.

In 2015, Lantheus was listed on NASDAQ, ushering in a new era of change for the healthcare leader. A new leadership team and the acquisition of Progenics Pharmaceuticals followed. These changes fundamentally altered the organization’s DNA, and the leadership team knew it needed to modernize its purpose and values.

Lantheus tasked Prophet with reinvigorating the organization’s purpose and values statements to effectively communicate its long-term aspirations, inspire employees and assert its core beliefs to customers and investors.


Prophet first worked to understand the organization from the outside and in– performing a competitive audit, gathering out-of-category analogs, conducting executive interviews and sending employee surveys. We worked closely with Lantheus’ executive leaders to co-create potential solutions and test them with industry experts as well as current and prospective employees.

Our team used this data to develop the go-forward purpose and values and defined behaviors designed to empower employees to live the organization’s values. To help Lantheus’ leadership team activate the organization’s new purpose and values, we developed a high-level communication strategy that included a set of socialization materials.


The new purpose, values and defined behaviors are playing a pivotal role in Lantheus’ communications to customers, employees, prospective talent and investors. In addition, Lantheus has weaved its purpose and values throughout its website, aligning its brand identity with its organizational DNA.

“Prophet helped us create meaningful purpose and values that are more than words on a PowerPoint slide.”

Paul Blanchfield
Chief Operating Officer



Burnishing a value proposition for a medical technology brand


SPI, an innovative start-up in medical technology, is transforming the surgical experience, helping teams choreograph workflows and analytics in the operating room. Now a part of Johnson & Johnson, the fast-growing, young company needed to clarify its value proposition. It also wanted a brand refresh to show a relevant, robust and consistent face to its complex network of partners and customers.


To better understand this rapidly growing and evolving marketplace, Prophet interviewed the company’s surgical procedures teams, colleagues at J&J and external stakeholders, including surgeons and hospital purchasing experts. We complemented these interviews with creative and problem-solving sessions in addition to research into the surgical software and MedTech landscape, including an analysis of competitors. Next, we dug into many possible trajectories of the surgery and robotics industry.

Our team then developed a new brand promise: “Transforming surgery. Enabling teams to excel.” This promise enables SPI to differentiate itself in market and speak to the company’s pioneering technology and the benefits the organization provides its surgical teams. We partnered this with a supporting value proposition, product architecture and naming approach that better conveys features while remaining flexible for SPI’s fast-growing catalog of products.

This strategic work was the foundation from which we built a brand identity that reflects SPI’s vision of surgical excellence. Through multiple iterations and explorative workshops, we created a modern, bold and dynamic brand fit for the fast-moving world of surgical technology.

Lastly, using these new branding guidelines, we created a set of user interfaces for the next version of SPI´s technology, ushering its new identity into the operating room.


SPI has rolled out the new branding internally and externally and is applying the new naming architecture and user interfaces to existing versions and new products. SPI is growing faster than ever, with products helping surgeons operate more efficiently. That results in hospital savings, higher satisfaction among surgical teams and better patient outcomes.



Inspiring the next generation of girls with a new messaging strategy


Though more women than ever are graduating with degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, men make up most of the workforce. This is because many young girls do not pursue a career in STEM, they have more barriers to getting there, they’re traditionally offered less encouragement and they have fewer female role models.

Girls Advancing in STEM (GAINS) Initiative is a nonprofit on a mission to break down barriers by empowering high school girls to envision, prepare for and pursue academic and professional futures in STEM. GAINS’ clubs and conferences tackle this head-on by helping students discover STEM topics and professions, connect with other like-minded girls and learn from industry professionals. To further its mission and expand its impact, GAINS needed a compelling messaging strategy that would resonate with a wide audience to grow its membership and clubs around the country.


Drawing insights from a series of qualitative interviews with students and volunteers, we collaborated with the GAINS leadership team to define a new brand strategy framework for the organization. Prophet’s consultants added substantive detail to the framework—developing the context statement, brand promise and overarching theme, which formed the foundation of the work. 

Once these elements were in place, our team of strategists and verbal branding experts built out robust messaging guidelines to reinforce the core components of this newly defined strategy. We created three supporting messaging themes to spotlight the community, learning opportunities and networking benefits of GAINS. Through a rigorous creative process, we codified messaging guidelines to help bring the new strategy to life. The guidelines included sample words and phrases for each theme, guidance on when to leverage each theme and how to flex them by audience (current and prospective students, teachers and volunteers) and tips on how to ensure a consistent tone of voice across all copy.  


The GAINS team has used this messaging across its website, social media channels and marketing materials to target current and prospective students, teachers and volunteers – helping the organization consistently grow its following. In addition, Prophet’s work has helped the organization communicate its mission when applying for grants and seeking partnerships with schools and employers.  


“The whole Prophet team listened really well to everything, caught a lot of the nuance and was able to reflect it back as they structured our messaging materials. Having this all laid out has truly helped me refine the message and maintain consistency in our communications.”

Antoinette Decker
Director, Creator


Cerner Enviza

Launching a real-world data and evidence operating unit into market


Cerner realized through its real-world data that it had the ability to make the process of developing lifesaving medicine quicker and more cost-efficient. To further augment its capabilities, it acquired Kantar Health, the healthcare research and consulting solutions division within Kantar Group.

With the combined capabilities of data and real-world evidence expertise, Cerner aspired to enter the market with a new offering that drove collaboration between providers and the pharmaceutical industry to answer complex clinical research questions and to accelerate therapies. Cerner asked Prophet to help support the creation of this new operating unit, which would transform the way care was delivered and improve patient outcomes.


Prophet leveraged the assets and reputation of the Cerner brand, while at the same time creating new assets and equities that spoke to its transformative business evolution.

Prophet partnered with key leaders across the organization to integrate the combined capabilities of data and research expertise. Our team worked to develop a new brand that both captured Cerner’s heritage and brand strength while folding in its new capabilities and the unique growth opportunities they presented. The team developed the name Cerner Enviza, a coined word based on ‘envision’ that conveys the remarkable clarity the new operating unit would bring to healthcare’s most important decisions.

In support of the new unit’s purpose, we created a brand identity system with a fresh logo, color palette, photography, iconography and much more. The new brand successfully struck a balance between Cerner’s heritage and its new future in accelerating the discovery and development of therapies.


When Cerner publicly announced its new operating unit, Cerner Enviza, David Feinberg, M.D., President and CEO, looked to the brand’s future and stated, “With Cerner Enviza, we can arm researchers with diverse tools and datasets to help them address these challenges and help change the way we develop and deliver care for our patients.”

From the onset of its entry into the market, the organization had a strong solution for bringing transformative growth to the healthcare industry that will ultimately help achieve better patient outcomes.

“Prophet brought a wealth of information and knowledge that helped clarify the choices of how best to communicate our unique proposition, align our stakeholders and get us to a great solution.”

Dawn Riedel
Former Head of Corporate Marketing


Azenta Life Sciences

Transforming a brand to advance its pursuit of scientific progress


Brooks Automation, a leader in semiconductor automation, embarked on a journey nearly a decade ago into the life sciences space. The strategy was to leverage its unique expertise in cryogenic automation to address the growing need for biosample storage and management. The result was a resounding success as the company grew both organically and inorganically to become a niche life sciences powerhouse providing unrivaled sample exploration and management solutions to help customers bring impactful breakthroughs and therapies to market faster.

The life science business was strong, capable and ready to stand on its own. In order to separate the two businesses, the company announced the sale of the semiconductor operations with the intention to use the proceeds to funnel significant investment into the life sciences arm of the company. The semiconductor business retained the Brooks name and Brooks Life Sciences was now ready to transform into a pure life sciences brand.


Brooks Life Sciences partnered with Prophet to develop into a strong brand that has an integrated strategy, strong positioning, a story that inspires and a look and feel that is modern, authentic and unique. The company wanted to convey to the market that it is ready to meet customer needs today and, in the future, to accelerate discovery, development, and delivery of healthcare solutions to improve and save lives.

To this end, a strategy was defined to position the company as a life sciences organization with the purpose of helping customers rise above challenges and reach new heights in their pursuit of scientific progress.

On top of that, all of this needed to be done within a few months while the company continued to grow and pursue new acquisitions.


The team quickly turned around the internal brand launch to employees. A few months into the project, Azenta Life Sciences was brought to market, followed by a celebration of the debut of its new name and ticker sign by ringing the Nasdaq closing bell.

There is now one consolidated Azenta brand, which has been rolled out across North America, Europe and Asia. The new strategic focus has been embraced by the market and positioned Azenta Life Sciences to drive innovation and growth with greater speed and precision—and continue its journey to help customers move faster and smarter—making a healthier world for people everywhere.

Additionally, our work earned recognition in the 2022 North America Transform Awards, earning Bronze in the Best Visual Identity From the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector category.

We knew from the start that this initiative was going to be a challenge because we had to work fast—build a brand within a few months while we were growing, acquiring, and transforming. Prophet has been a great partner for us and played an integral role in the transformation of Brooks into Azenta Life Sciences, a brand that resonates with our customers and inspires our employees.”

-Linda De Jesus, Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Vice President, Azenta Life Sciences

“Prophet has been a great partner for us and played an integral role in the transformation of Brooks into Azenta Life Sciences, a brand that resonates with our customers and inspires our employees.”

Linda De Jesus
Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Vice President



Transforming Hillrom into an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare


Coming off a long string of acquisitions and successful organic growth, Hillrom’s business more than doubled in less than three years. Not only was its portfolio of products and services more diverse, but it also carried a variety of different brand names, and its business units operated them independently. More importantly, Hillrom’s customers were turning to them for help with their digital transformation efforts. As a result, Hillrom needed to integrate its portfolio from a digital perspective and transform its brand to reflect the modern, integrated and digital-focused Hillrom.


Prophet worked with Hillrom on several fronts that included defining an integrated and connected portfolio under the Hillrom master brand. The organization became positioned around a vision of “Advancing Connected Care,” which helped bring that promise to life by migrating ongoing digital acquisitions into its portfolio. Prophet helped Hillrom run a series of customer-centric, demand-gen campaigns to bring its story to market and fuel its CRM system and sales funnel.


Since its rebrand, Hillrom has experienced business growth in six of its subsequent eight quarters, with its non-bed business contributing to much of that, signifying how it is more than just its legacy hospital bed business and more of an integrated partner built for the future of healthcare.

In late 2021, Hillrom was acquired by Baxter, making it a $15 billion global medtech leader and accelerating the organization’s vision for transforming healthcare and advancing patient care.


CVS Kidney Care

Helping CVS Kidney Care transform to disrupt the renal care industry


Nine out of 10 adults in America with chronic kidney disease don’t even know they have it. And for the half a million U.S. patients on dialysis, the vast majority receive treatment in clinics. That means three times a week, four hours a day, away from home. Treatment is physically and emotionally taxing for patients and staying employed is challenging, if not impossible.

CVS Kidney Care knew there was a better way. The business saw an opportunity to transform kidney care in America, delivering a better experience for patients and their caregivers, better clinical outcomes, and an improved cost of care. But to truly disrupt this well-established industry, CVS Kidney Care needed differentiated strategies and high-performing teams that could keep pace with true make-market innovation.


Prophet partnered with CVS Kidney Care using the firm’s Human-Centered Transformation Model™, to develop the broad range of capabilities required to be a real disruptive business. The transformation work included customer-centric product management and a creative commercialization capability that could rapidly build and iterate a compelling ecosystem of partnerships, combined with an agile operations organization. All this was also supported by a passionate, make-market culture. Fully integrated Prophet and CVS Kidney Care teams (or “Pods”) worked together, running in two-week agile sprints to break down silos, focus on the patient, caregiver and provider priorities, and dramatically accelerate progress towards seizing CVS Kidney Care’s key opportunities. Together, we collaborated on:




  • Identifying the talent, skills and experience required to scale the business
  • Transferring core skills in creative problem solving, innovation and product development


  • Defining a “Culture of Courage” and mobilizing the organization to live the behaviors of a bold market-making CVS Kidney Care team


Within the first year of its transformation, CVS Kidney Care has made clear progress on business outcomes and created a more engaged and productive team. The organization has improved business performance and has a clear growth trajectory. Cultural change is finding traction, and engagement scores within the CVS Kidney Care team have improved significantly. Most importantly, the entire organization is more committed than ever to transforming kidney care for patients and their caregivers.

Additionally, our work received recognition in the 2022 North America Transform Awards, earning Gold for the Best Development of a New Brand Within an Existing Brand Portfolio category.

“As a loyal Prophet customer, I highly recommend that everyone consider using their Human-Centered Transformation Model when seeking to accelerate organizational transformation and drive uncommon growth. There’s honestly no way we could have moved at this pace and achieved these results without a partner as deeply dedicated to truly building our own organizational capabilities. Trust me when I say, it works! – Lisa Rometty, President CVS Kidney Care

“There’s honestly no way we could have moved at this pace and achieved these results without a partner as deeply dedicated to truly building our own organizational capabilities. Trust me when I say, it works!”

Lisa Rometty



Developing a new-age marketing strategy for a digital product launch


PartsSource is the world’s largest provider of medical replacement products. To complement its growing medical parts business, PartsSource sought to create a first-in-kind digital service offering designed to help customers source a variety of service personnel in their areas. The team needed help launching the service on its online platform, which is used by over 3,000 hospitals and more than 15,000 clinical sites. As an additional challenge, PartsSource wasn’t able to present the new product at an in-person conference due to COVID-19. So, the team needed to plan an engaging, virtual launch event as a part of the go-to-market strategy.


PartsSource turned to Prophet and Springbox, a Prophet Company, to support its first, digital-only product launch. Together, Prophet and PartsSource set out to strategically introduce the new service offering to clarify the value proposition, expand brand perceptions of PartsSource and most importantly, drive inbound leads for the business.

Prophet and Springbox developed a launch campaign strategy that successfully marketed the digital launch event, and also encapsulated the value PartsSource delivers as an end-to-end procurement channel partnership. Prophet and Springbox then brought the campaign to life by developing a series of campaign concepts (including art direction, image selection and copywriting). The campaign concepts were developed as a series of ads that were pushed into the market.


The campaign strategy evolved PartsSource’s position in the marketplace and cascaded down into other value propositions. The key and supporting messages resonated with each of the unique customer audience segments, highlighting the brand’s ability to connect with customers.

In 2021, Bain Capital Private Equity purchased the PartsSource from Great Hill Partners in a deal that values the company at about $1.25 billion.


Teladoc Health

Leading a multinational healthcare company to break away from the telemedicine pack


Teladoc Health, a multinational telemedicine and virtual care healthcare company, sought to transform the healthcare system by creating a new category of whole-person virtual care, connecting individuals to their healthcare with a strategy far more comprehensive than the approach of their traditional competitors.

Teladoc Health expanded its capabilities and geographic reach through organic growth and a series of acquisitions. As a result of this growth, it was necessary to elevate the brand to build cohesion across the business and to communicate its value as an integrated system.

Teladoc Health partnered with Prophet to realize and activate its brand potential as an integrated company serving clients and consumers around the world.


Prophet helped Teladoc Health evolve its brand narrative through both corporate and consumer-facing growth moves. We worked with the Teladoc Health team to develop a revised corporate brand and portfolio architecture, complete with an action plan to engage employees around the new approach to the corporate, commercial and product brands.


Teladoc Health launched its new corporate brand and has continued to experience exponential growth. With Prophet’s help, the organization has a brand that aligns with a rapidly growing and highly acquisitive business. Grounded by an effective brand portfolio strategy – that both resonates with employees and attracts new customers – Teladoc Health continues to redefine and lead the telehealth industry as a comprehensive, integrated virtual care organization.


Sodexo Healthcare France

Prescribing a new value proposition amidst a global pandemic


Healthcare is fundamentally changing around the world. Sodexo, an international leader that provides services that improve quality of life for patients, visitors and healthcare professionals, recognized that it needed to make some changes to better compete in the market and to be relevant to its customers’ evolving needs. Sodexo needed to clearly articulate its value proposition for the future, building on what the business could deliver today.

After creating a new value proposition in the U.S., Prophet partnered with Sodexo’s healthcare business in France to create a locally relevant proposition, one that elevates its healthcare credentials and translates it in a customer-centric way – allowing the organization to better connect on an emotional and functional level with clients in the region.


Recognizing the differences that exist between countries, cultures and their public and private healthcare systems, the Prophet team started by immersing themselves in the context of the French market. The team interpreted customer insights and conducted a series of interviews with members of Sodexo’s leadership and sales teams to understand the needs and objectives of the firm locally. Prophet also did research into Sodexo’s brand perception outside of the healthcare sector in order to provide objective recommendations.

The first phase of the project was to define the pillars that truly stand at the core of Sodexo Healthcare’s value proposition in France – to which strategy and communications would be anchored. As the project was completed against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was developed through collaborative working sessions, all conducted virtually by the Prophet team who leveraged digital platforms to create a truly engaging experience. This included one session with the full Executive Committee where the team assessed different options and aligned on the way forward – reflecting the centrality of the value proposition for all functions in the Healthcare organization.

With the strategic foundation in place, an associated slogan and messaging platform were also developed so the Sodexo team could speak with one united and consistent voice internally and to their customers externally around the slogan: ‘Vers l’avenir du soin’/’Towards the Future of Care’. Ambitious and forward-looking, the slogan reflects the aspiration of Sodexo to continuously improve the healthcare conditions in France through a human-centric focus on care, doubling down on their leadership position in the industry and the strength of their expertise.


Delivered within a compressed timeframe, Sodexo began rolling out the new value proposition in France in a matter of weeks. With the pandemic still surging, it was a unique opportunity for Sodexo to show its commitment to its new value proposition. The associated messages that were pushed via key communications channels, including social media, addressed the current environment, delivering compassion and connecting on an emotional level with audiences. Armed with this new value proposition, Sodexo is prepared to thrive in the changing healthcare environment.

“The Prophet team convinced us with their vision and did not fail to keep their promise during our work together. The final result is very satisfactory.”

Nataliane Thoulon
Director of Strategy, Sodexo Healthcare France



Elevating a FemTech start-up to become a bold brand


Ava, a fast-growing FemTech start-up, is known for helping users accurately plan conception. The brand is expanding its services and is preparing to launch a contraception product. With so much momentum, and changes happening in their leadership team, the time was right to partner with Prophet to revamp the brand.


The key was identifying their target customers and what the brand should stand for in a way that was sensitive, non-judgemental and empowering. Prophet conducted online focus groups in multiple markets to identify Ava’s target customers and better understand their needs. We then determined what space the brand should play in analysing conception and contraception competitors. Our research uncovered that Ava should be in the scientific, research-backed space (vs. lifestyle brands), highlighting its purpose to improve women’s health (vs. brands like Apple).

Our research also provided insights for Ava’s brand architecture, showing that we had permission to establish the Ava brand as one that went across conception and contraception – speaking to different product-level needs with tailored messaging.

Based on these insights we defined a bold new brand promise, ”Driving the progress women deserve. One cycle at a time.” It was brought to life with a new, more passionate tone of voice, messaging and visuals that demonstrate how the new brand shows up in a more inspiring way.


Six months later, Ava has effectively rolled out the new tone of voice and messaging on key channels. Marketing budgets are better aligned to successfully reach the target audience.

“It was key for us that our partner would fully ‘get us’ and stand 100% behind our mission. We found that with Prophet and are super happy with the results.”

Lea Von Bidder
CEO and Co-founder of Ava



Re-organizing a marketing team to meet key business needs


Medtronic, a global medical technology company, has been rapidly expanding through organic and acquisitional growth. As customer segments expanded, stakeholder expectations evolved and new business and product teams emerged. The company’s corporate marketing team recognized the need to rethink how omnichannel campaigns and content would support enterprise growth.


Prophet worked with leaders across the global brand, marketing and communications teams to collaboratively define a new vision for corporate marketing. The new concept was designed to clarify priorities, set objectives and identify the necessary moves to both evolve and execute. We employed a mix of industry best practices and Prophet proprietary tools and frameworks to give Medtronic a custom-built solution.

A key component of the new vision was a framework articulating the role corporate marketing plays for the company as a whole, as well as its different businesses and regions. Prophet used its marketing archetypes to align on the right model for Medtronic.

From there, we outlined business and technology implications, key strategic moves and a transformation roadmap to support the new vision, so the Medtronic team could execute the strategy independently over time.


As Medtronic continues on its mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life for patients around the world, the company’s corporate marketing team is now executing on a vision that is tightly connected with the enterprise business strategy. The team is well-positioned as the global driver of the Medtronic story.

“Modern marketing teams continue to evolve and stretch to meet stakeholder needs. Repeatable frameworks are helpful, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach that fits every organization. Prophet helped us think through a number of approaches and worked with us to create a vision and roadmap that meets our unique business needs.” -Greg McCullough, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing for Medtronic.

“Prophet helped us think through a number of approaches and worked with us to create a vision and roadmap that meets our unique business needs.”

Greg McCullough
Senior Director of Corporate Marketing for Medtronic