Aleksandra is resourcing director, based in Prophet’s London office, where she helped structure, develop and implement new change management programme by establishing global resourcing team as one of the most operationally and functional business functions in Prophet. Aleksandra is responsible for building and optimising teams to ensure positive outcomes for our people and our clients.

With expertise in marketing, business management, talent development and creating innovative employee solutions, she believes the best growth strategies are built on what Heraclitus said centuries ago: “There is nothing permanent except change.” Different cultures have also shaped her views of organisational change: She’s fluent in three languages, and once managed an Irish pub in Spain. Before joining Prophet, she worked at ?What If Innovation!, focusing on business operations, building delivery strategies and resource management.

Aleksandra earned an MA in economics from the University of Poznan in Poland, and a BA in tourism and leisure from the same university. She lives in London and loves reading, running and yoga.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”


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