Griffin is a senior engagement manager in Prophet’s New York Office, specializing in digital and business innovation. He’s spent the last eight years helping teams at startups, corporate ventures and F500 enterprises develop and launch new business ideas into market.

Successful innovation requires insights that are both profound and useful. In any team, Griffin focuses on bridging the gap between rigorous analysis and practical, scrappy implementation, helping teams across functions unlock their uncommon potential.

Before joining Prophet, Griffin ran the internal transformation of the 120-person global strategy, data, and research discipline at Huge. Before that, he served clients across healthcare and technology in evaluating new ventures and bringing new offerings and brand messages to market. Key past clients include CVS, Pfizer, Merck KGaA, Yohana/Panasonic, Google Cloud, Google for Education, and the US Office of Federal Student Aid.

Griffin earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, History, and Statistics from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Quantic Institute of Business and Technology. He’s had a long-standing obsession with competitive public speaking and most recently served as a volunteer coach for the Cornell University debating society (Worlds/British Parliamentary format).

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