Strategic Market Management



Developing and implementing strategies today is very different than only a few decades ago; nearly all firms today operate in dynamic markets. Completely revised and updated, Aaker’s best-selling book, “Strategic Market Management,” helps managers identify, implement, prioritize, and adapt market-driven business strategies that will enjoy sustainable advantage in dynamic markets that are increasingly complex and cluttered. The intent is to provide decision makers with concepts, methods, and procedures by which they can improve the quality of their strategic decision making and developing growth strategies.

“Strategic Market Management” is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever books are sold.


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About the Author

David Aaker, is the author of over one hundred articles and 18 books on marketing, business strategy and branding that have sold over one million copies. A recognized authority on branding, he has developed concepts and methods on brand building that are used by organizations around the world.


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