Micro-Communities: How Modern Marketers Unlock Uncommon Growth

Big gains lie in tiny targets. From “sporty families” to “productive escapists,” it pays to rethink segmentation.

Understanding your customer’s brand preferences and buying behaviors is no longer enough in today’s hyper-competitive market.

Discovering and engaging with your micro-communities is a way to unlock a growth strategy based on targeting and engaging with your target customers empowering modern marketers to create highly focused and performance-based tactics in customer acquisition and customer retention.

Take a closer look at our infographic below to learn how micro-communities can deliver long-term impact on digital marketing and sales effectiveness.

Prophet works with industry-leading clients to incorporate business strategic objectives, market opportunity and customer research to identify and prioritize unique, multiple micro-communities. Learn more about what are doing in all things direct-to-consumer.

If you want to explore how discovering your micro-communities can drive your growth and performance marketing, contact us today.

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