Prophet Culture

Our people make our culture what it is. We welcome the entire person to the office every day. Whether they are dog moms, plant dads, proud parents, actors, musicians or devoted world travelers, our employees think freely, push ideas and imagine possibilities. Our shared experiences all contribute to the transformative thinking our clients crave. We’re shaping the future of the world’s biggest brands–and having fun while we do it. Come with us and enjoy the ride.

Our differences represent our greatest strength. That’s why we promise to…

Support our differences by elevating the voices of all employees, fostering mentorship and enhancing diversity and inclusion across our global offices and in the ranks of leadership.


We commit to harnessing the power of women, helping them thrive. We pledge to invest in mentoring the next generation of women leaders and to establish Prophet as a career destination of choice for women growing in their careers.


We commit to our LGBTQ+ employees and strive to make our firm a place where they can be their authentic selves. Through community building, mentoring, training and education, Pride@Prophet is both a celebration of our LGBTQ+ community and a firm-wide promise.


We commit to championing the enrichment of experiences for employees who identify as Black. With Black@Prophet, we strive to promote personal and professional well-being and a sense of belonging, focusing on culture, community and leadership.


We commit to making Prophet welcoming and supportive for our Latino colleagues. As a global company, we celebrate every culture, promoting training, education and leadership opportunities.


We commit to celebrating the diversity of what it means to be Asian@Prophet across geographies, cultures and backgrounds—while also highlighting the things we have in common—by building community, sharing our culture, supporting our professional development and always being open to learning.​

Our Values

Create With Courage

When something could be better, we don’t settle—we create. Pushing boundaries. Tackling the biggest challenges that grow our clients and move society.  We put our heart into our work while applying our intellect, creativity and rigor to execute.

Give & Grow

There’s no shortage of generosity here. We invest in the personal and professional growth of our people and our clients, by being a coach, a sounding board or a cheering section. We all have unique needs and goals, but we’re in this together—and by offering our time, empathy and brainpower to support the collective potential of our teams, clients and communities, we all flourish together. 

Share Joy

Joy is vital—to our relationships, our work and our well-being. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, enjoying the ride, while making time for what brings us joy. Protecting it. Sharing it. It feeds our spirits, and keeps us connected to what, and who, really matters to us. By building in more space for rest, community and fun, our humanity shines a little brighter.

Open Minds

We’re united, but different, which allows us and our clients to achieve more together. It’s in our nature to seek diverse voices and embrace all backgrounds and lived experiences. By showing up honestly and openly, we discover new paths for connection and creativity. 

Prophet Impact

With Prophet Impact, we believe in harnessing the power of brands, businesses and people to help move society forward. These pro-bono initiatives support businesses, communities and the planet. Propheteers have the freedom to pour their best thinking and experience into passion projects that drive meaningful change. Since 2015, we’ve donated over 18,000 hours of consulting and community service support.

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