Chinye is a former associate partner in Prophet’s London office, where she creates and delivers the kind of memorable customer experiences that drive exceptional growth.

She’s a solutionsmith whose strategies hinge on a core belief: If companies don’t take care of customers, those customers will find someone who does. With an adept ability to swiftly dissect intricate and complex issues, she distills businesses' real challenges employing data-driven methodologies to unveil insightful solutions that solve those issues. Guided by the tenets of design thinking, she leads teams to uncover the pivotal moments of truth that underlie transformative shifts in customer experiences.

Her professional journey spans across consumer goods, retail banking, telecommunications and energy sectors. Notably hands-on throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial strategy formulation to seamless execution, Chinye's engagement is emblematic of a proactive approach. Prior to joining Prophet, Chinye held similar roles within the Digital and Transformation practices at Infosys Consulting and Sopra Steria.

She earned her undergraduate degree in economics at UCL and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management

Expertise Areas

  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Digital Transformation Programme Management
  • Design Thinking Facilitation
  • Capability Maturity Assessments
  • Customer Journey Mapping

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