Jack is a senior engagement manager in Prophet’s London office, specializing in helping companies unlock the full potential of their people by reimagining their organization and culture.

Passionate about the transformative potential of cultivating new habits and change, Jack applies this philosophy to his work with clients, leveraging his expertise to help employees overcome organizational inertia and foster positive behavioral shifts. Jack recognizes that sustainable change stems from bringing everyone along on the journey. Infusing the process with a playful and joyful spirit, he makes the path to change not only effective but also enjoyable.

Prior to joining Prophet, Jack held consulting positions at ?What If! and Accenture, collaborating with clients across various sectors, including communications, consumer goods, technology, products and the third sector.

Jack holds an MEng in mechanical engineering from the University of Nottingham. Outside of work, he’s an avid golf enthusiast, prioritizes quality time with his kids, enjoys a dram or two of whisky, and is always up for a bit organized fun.

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