Kyle Derr

Principal, Insights & Analytics
New York

Kyle is a principal on our Insights & Analytics team – he is aligned with our New York office, but lives in suburban Philadelphia.

The first 20 years of Kyle’s career were spent on the supply-side of full-service market research, where he focused on building advanced methods capabilities and teams, and in sampling methodologies focused on hard-to-find/underrepresented populations.
Given Kyle’s focus on advanced methods, his career has spanned a variety of industries (“…it's all just numbers really. Just changing what you're adding up.”), though he has spent a significant amount of time with CPG/retail, telecom and pharmaceutical clients. Kyle is known for his ninja-like Excel skills where his penchant for automation and efficiency lends itself well to our ability to apply technical rigor to our research, while allowing the time required with the data to get to human empathy.

Kyle (and his family!) are embarking on their 3rd (and final?) home rehab, where they complete 90% of the work themselves (everything but roofing!) Depending on your schedule do/do not ask him about the smokehouse he built during the COVID lockdown!

His interest in sampling methodologies derives from his personal experiences, which can is manifest in his academic journey, where, he received an MA in Sociology from Temple University, a BS in Marketing from West Chester University and an AS in Business Management from the Harrisburg Area Community College.

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