Megan is a senior insights and analytics associate in Prophet’s New York office, using advanced analytics to guide clients to better strategic decisions and exceptional growth opportunities.

She loves data. And she is diligent about using it in multiple ways, with various techniques, including discrete choice modeling and segmentation. Most recently, Megan has helped Netflix design and price its new ad plan. That work made headlines, building on a deep understanding of different types of account sharers and designing intervention strategies. Megan has also worked with Cigna, UGG and Samsung, as well as start-ups like Cash App, Acorns and Canoo.

Before joining Prophet, Megan was a research assistant at the University of Texas at Austin, exploring social psychology and innovation, including negotiation techniques and prosocial behavior.

Megan is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned both a master’s degree in marketing analytics and an undergraduate degree in psychology. She lives in New York City and is an expert on Taylor Swift, Bravo and where to find the best donuts.

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