Zadkiel is a senior associate in Prophet’s London office, helping brands across Europe, Middle East and Africa deliver high-impact value and develop sustainable growth strategies.

A pilot in training, he’s always looking for the bigger picture, guiding clients to more agile ways of working as they redefine operating and marketing models. Before joining Prophet, Zadkiel led a storytelling fashion brand and a digital assets start-up based in England, developing and implementing strategies in marketing and operation design. He also helped refresh the customer value proposition for a London-based tech company, which resulted in annual revenue growth of 135%.

Most recently, Zadkiel was part of the Prophet team that defined the strategy and developed the operating model of a new independent initiative within Anglo American, a global mining company with over 20,000 employees.

Zadkiel earned his Master of Science degree in international management from the University of Sussex. He lives in South West London and is a fan of all things aviation, Ultimate Frisbee and photography.

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