International Health Partners

Reimagining a software system to drive growth and global impact


International Health Partners (IHP) is a global NGO committed to providing quality, long-dated medicines to disaster-hit and vulnerable communities worldwide, regardless of location or demographic.​ In pursuit of this mission, IHP developed Boaz, a cutting-edge product donations management software designed to enhance efficiency and compliance in the donations process. However, IHP encountered a significant challenge in actualizing its growth ambition for Boaz. Seeking to transform the software into a driver for expanding global access to medicines and generating a sustainable revenue stream, IHP sought assistance from Prophet.


With a multidisciplinary team, Prophet set to work to support Boaz’s growth ambition focusing on brand enhancement, user experience refinement and operating model optimization.    

Collaborating closely with the IHP team, we conducted a strategic review of Boaz’s brand and user experience, with the aim of elevating its customer journey to a premium, scalable level while ensuring operational sustainability. This involved the development of a comprehensive Boaz customer experience map, meticulously detailing each step of the user journey. Through iterative testing and refinement with Boaz users, we ensured that every interaction with the platform was intuitive, efficient and aligned with IHP’s mission.

We then crafted four distinct brand territories, leveraging Boaz’s strengths and unique differentiators to create a compelling brand positioning statement that effectively captured its purpose and promise. This involved communicating Boaz’s impact, engaging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) teams and maintaining visual cohesion with the overarching IHP brand.

Moreover, we equipped the IHP team with the operational organization setup necessary to bring Boaz’s vision to life. Through capability assessments, a detailed 5-year roadmap and financial modelling, we provided actionable insights to guide Boaz’s growth trajectory and ensure long-term success.  


Armed with the expertise and resources provided by Prophet, the IHP team seamlessly integrated Boaz into their operations, utilizing the materials and support across various initiatives, from sales pitches to committee budget reviews. Boaz’s webpage is also now live, marking a significant milestone in their journey towards expanding global access to medicines. 

Client Testimonial

“The comprehensive support provided by Prophet, spanning from the brand guidelines to pitch formulation and customer journey mapping, has left us with a clear roadmap for our next steps. We now have a solid foundation and actionable insights to drive Boaz forward and maximize its potential.”

Colleen Harrison-Dodds
Director of Compliance and SaaS at International Health Partners

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