Healthcare Transformers Series: Featuring David Edelman, CMO at Aetna

Aetna’s CMO explains why he wants patients to be more engaged, and how consumer-centricity can help.

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Meet the Healthcare Transformers Leading Change in Their Organizations.

Prophet spoke with leading healthcare transformer and contributor to the book “Making the Healthcare Shift: The Transformation to Consumer-Centricity“, David Edelman, chief marketing officer at Aetna to understand how he is leading change at his organization to drive deeper engagement with consumers while delivering better business outcomes.

Get the Book: “Making the Healthcare Shift: The Transformation to Consumer Centricity”

As the industry sits on the edge of disruption, healthcare organizations need to transform to stay relevant. A new book by Prophet’s Scott Davis and Jeff Gourdji, “Making the Healthcare Shift: The Transformation to Consumer Centricity” shares real examples of how healthcare leaders are driving this transformation in their organizations.

Healthcare organizations now have both the motive and means to empower, engage, equip and enable consumers. While healthcare organizations have recognized the need to change, they have struggled to get started and sustain the effort. Based on conversations with leading healthcare organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Intermountain Healthcare, Geisinger, Anthem, Aetna, Pfizer, Novartis and more, the book identifies five required shifts organizations can make to better compete in this evolving landscape.

Through case studies and practical examples, Making the Healthcare Shift provides healthcare leaders across the healthcare ecosystem with a playbook to make their organizations more consumer-centric.

Get the book here.

Interested in Hearing From Other Leading Healthcare Transfomers?

Watch Andrew Dreyfus, President and CEO of Blue Cross BlueShield of Massachusetts discuss how the healthcare industry is becoming more consumer-centric and how organizations need to be thinking about transformation.


Leveraging Organizational Culture to Achieve Uncommon Growth

Today’s leaders are beginning to understand that true transformation always requires a cultural change.

2 min

Why is Culture So Important Now?

According to Prophet Partners, Tony Fross and Helen Rosethorn, culture is so important now because in the past 20 years, the way we define and discover value has significantly changed. Organizations founded within this time period are thinking much differently than those founded before; and those more traditionally founded companies are looking for ways to also thrive in the digital era.

Our upcoming study will provide actionable strategies for digital transformation so that organizational leaders can get the outcomes they truly want.

Leveraging Organizational Culture to Power Business Growth

Organizational culture can be a powerful driver of growth in today’s landscape of transformation. But, is your culture helping or hindering your business to achieve its goals? Luckily, we have the secrets to success in our latest global study.

Culture is undoubtedly the most powerful fuel for maintaining a competitive advantage in business today. Our upcoming study by Helen Rosethorn and Tony Fross, both Partners at Prophet, provides processes for building a strong organizational culture.

This study provides insights from discussions with over 50 business leaders and 400 survey participants from across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China, arming executives with a set of concrete steps to drive high-performing, fit-for-strategy cultures.

In today’s digital age, organizations’ efforts to adapt are ongoing. Now is the time to harness the power of culture and help your organisation achieve uncommon growth.

Download the report.


Bernhard Schaar: The Importance of Brand Relevance

Relevance matters more, and differentiation counts for less. Here’s what’s behind the shift.

2 min


Bernhard Schaar, an associate partner at Prophet, talks about how to create a relentlessly relevant brand. He lists the four key dimensions that make up brand relevance: pragmatism, innovation, inspiration and customer obsession, as well as offers advice to companies to increase their brands’ relevance.

One important thing to note, according to Schaar, is that digital is an opportunity that can be utilized along all four of these key dimensions. From social media to artificial intelligence, Prophet can help to support these areas of growth in brand relevance.

Learn more about the importance of brand relevance for business growth.


Clive Rohald: Inside the Living Brand Experience

That means focusing on agile and dynamic design systems, and modern representations of brands.

2 min


Clive Rohald, Executive Director and Partner at Prophet, shares what we mean by the term ‘living brand’ and why creative teams today need to move towards more agile, responsive systems. When it comes to design, it isn’t just about a specific color palette, or how the logo looks – it’s more about the interaction and how a brand fulfills a need or gap in your life.

Becoming a living brand is no longer an opportunity, but an obligation in order for brands to stay relevant to consumers. That being said, this strategic shift must not only be made but also maintained in order to remain a relevant brand year after year.

Learn more about how you can start to make this shift in your brand strategy.


UBS Digital Portrait Gallery

See the continuous animated drawings we made for UBS, capturing its entire history in a single-line.

10 min


Try telling the 156-year story of the world’s largest wealth management firm in a simple yet engaging way, it sure isn’t easy. Prophet built this dynamic and digital portrait gallery for UBS, which now takes centre stage at its newly renovated HQ in Zurich.

A continuous single-line of animated drawings, it captures their pioneering leadership, progression and iconic moments in an elegant and arresting way.

Learn about our other work with UBS:


Setting Your Healthcare Business Up for Success

Drugs and devices are important. But holistic solutions bring brand, digital and patient experience in, too.

3 min

How Can You Set Your Healthcare Business Up for Success?

The healthcare industry is continually changing, which makes succeeding hard, so how can your organisation or brands win? Fred Geyer, a Senior Partner at Prophet, shares the importance of bringing digital innovation, patient experience, and brand together in order to create better solutions and cost efficiencies. The relevance of the device or treatment is important, but it’s now about incorporating it effectively into the larger system and creating an experience, that will set winning brands apart.

Learn more about how you can succeed in the healthcare industry, by creating a winning brand.


The Importance of Brand Relevance for Healthcare Organisations

From distinctive inspiration to relentless pragmatism, our relevance research offers healthcare insights.

2 min

Why is Brand Relevance Important to Healthcare Organisations?

Healthcare organisations are struggling to keep their finger on the relevance pulse. Results from the Prophet Brand Relevance Index® show that the NHS and other healthcare providers are lacking in the innovation stakes and are falling behind when it comes to aspects of the patient experience. Fred Geyer, Senior Partner at Prophet, offers advice on where these organisations should be focusing their efforts in order to drive relevance and unlock business growth.

Learn more about how to develop brand relevance as a healthcare organization by consistently improving upon patient experience.


How to Help Your Business Counter Market Disruption

As disruptors have grown into dominators, they continue to flex muscles that come from customer obsession.

3 min

How Can You Help Your Business Counter Market Disruption?

From disruption to domination. Spotify, Netflix and Fitbit all feature in the top 10 of our latest UK Brand Relevance Index. What’s interesting is that each one of them is a start-up and each one has disrupted an entire industry, but it’s one thing to be a disruptive business start-up, and another to turn that disruption into an established global business. In the meantime, those large traditional players that used to be the leaders 50, 100, even 20 years ago, are fast losing their relevance. Tosson El Noshokaty, Partner & EMEA Regional Lead at Prophet, shares his thoughts on how traditional players can keep up, and the long-term strategies needed in order to successfully compete and remain relevant to consumers.

Learn more about the UK’s most relevant brands and how they’ve remained relevant to consumers:


Prophet’s Year in Review 2017

Happy New Year indeed: We crunch the numbers of promotions, publications and a new office–Hello, Shanghai!

2 min


Prophet continuously grows bigger and better year after year as we serve the world’s most recognizable brands. In 2017, we celebrated big things – from promotions to bouncing babies to trips around the world – with our dedicated team of Propheteers. Check out our journey through 2017 in this annual year in review video.

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