Research Report: Becoming Purposeful

Industry leaders explain how the right purpose–authentic and differentiated–becomes a guiding force for change.

Does Your Purpose Have the Power to Transform Your Organization?

Purpose is more important than ever. With always-on digital transformation, purpose is impactful in guiding and energizing organizations, in motivating talent and in elevating employee engagement.

Purpose can be powerful, but only if it is authentic and deeply ingrained. It’s easy for organizations to state a purpose, but many are merely scratching the surface; missing the full potential of the kind of purpose that can transform.

‘Becoming Purposeful’ is a research report that outlines the four fundamentals of what makes an organization truly purpose-led, and also explains how to action them in your business. Speaking to business leaders from Nationwide, eBay, The Co-operative Bank and more, it arms leaders of change with knowledge of how to chart their business’ journey toward becoming truly purposeful.

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