Catalysts in Action: Applying the Cultural Levers of Transformation

Organizations that have an adaptive culture can out-innovate competitors, finding new ways to thrive.

COVID-19 has forced the biggest acceleration in digital transformation. With organizations now grappling with the challenge to build pandemic-proof models and cultures across industries and regions to ensure better resilience, many are unsure where to start – or, if transformation is already underway, where to go next.

Our latest research with business leaders from around the world offers an actionable playbook for driving cultural change, helping organizations to focus their efforts and ensure culture is fully aligned to support transformation. Organizations that have the necessary adaptive culture will not only survive and innovate in these unprecedented times but will find opportunities to turn to their advantage and thrive.

In this report you will learn:

  • Why culture – and taking a human-centered approach – remains a key element in any successful transformation
  • How to determine key cultural levers on which to focus, based on your organization’s greatest needs for cultural change
  • The critical characteristics for leaders to embody in bringing their organizations along on the transformation journey
  • Best practices and stories of how other companies are moving forward

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