Prophet’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We’re working to diversify and educate our team, pledging $4 million to create a more just world.

We were overwhelmed, in the best way possible, with the discussions we had within Prophet to do more and better in the face of systemic racism, particularly as it impacts the Black community in the US.  When it comes to making Prophet a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, the hard work – the intensive transformational work – lies ahead. Our first step is to make a set of specific and measurable commitments as a firm. 

These are Prophet’s commitments to promote racial and social equity both within our firm and our broader communities. 

1. Diversify Our Firm  

Bring in Black team members across every level of the firm. From Board members to partners to consultants, with goals set starting in 2021.

2. Bring in External Expertise

Hire a DEI-specific recruiter in 2020 and a global head of DEI by 2021.  

3. Focus on Education

Develop firmwide training programs focused on antiracism, micro-aggressions, inclusivity and bias. This includes a suite of ongoing training and learning opportunities to further understanding, education and dialogue on issues of diversity and belonging. These global initiatives will be designed to ensure the ability of our teams to launch and participate in self-identifying affinity groups.

4. Support Racial Justice Externally

Commit over $4 million of pro-bono hours over the next five years, to organizations committed to racial justice.

We are committed. We are dedicated. We are ready. 


We are just as passionate about growing our people as we are about growing our clients’ businesses, and we’ve long been committed to welcoming the entire person to work every day. We know we need to do more encourage and amplify the voices of all employees. We continue to strive to be fearlessly human and unexpectedly irreverent, welcoming the entire person to the office every day.