AI’s Take on the State of Queer Visibility & Progress 

Pride @ Prophet delves into the intersection between artificial intelligence and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) intersects with LGBTQIA+ advocacy in powerful ways. As we explore the landscape of queer visibility and progress, AI plays a crucial role in shaping conversations, amplifying voices and fostering understanding. However, AI faces challenges related to discrimination, as biases in algorithms can perpetuate harmful stereotypes. By addressing biases and promoting inclusivity, we can harness AI for positive change.  

Recently, during a virtual event hosted by Pride @ Prophet—the firm’s LGBTQIA+ employee resource group—an internal panel of AI experts and users engaged in a thought-provoking discussion on the intersection of AI and identity. 

Pride @ Prophet Panel Discussion 

Every June, Pride @ Prophet hosts interactive panel-led discussions on topic areas that delve into the queer community’s intersection with workplace, culture and DEI trends. This year, our panel focused on the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and identity. Given AI’s increasing influence in the workplace and its implications for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), our hybrid presentation featured a live ChatGPT demonstration alongside an expert-led discussion. The event was engaging and informative for the global Prophet community. 

Pride Panel 6/12/14 starting from the top left to right Ashely Burgess, Jesse Smith, Mario Mugrace, Christian Cortes 

AI and Biases Around Identity 

Panelists discussed the explosion of AI-driven technology emerging in the workplace in just the past year alone and its lightning speed pace in which queer identity is being extrapolated from complex data sets that are rich with knowledge but littered with biases around identity, DEI and the ongoing crusade towards equality and inclusion.  

For instance, sexual orientation and gender identity are often missing or hard to measure in data because they can’t be directly observed. This absence perpetuates inequities and opens the door for algorithmic discrimination. Researchers and organizations like Queer in AI are actively addressing this issue. They anonymize data and explore ways to mitigate bias in large language models (LLMs) to ensure fair representation and avoid perpetuating stereotypes. By promoting inclusivity and cooperative AI systems, we can work toward a more equitable future. 

Inherent Queerness in the AI Industry 

Another topic explored was the inherent queerness within the AI industry. Influential leaders like Sam Altman openly embrace their queer identities both personally and professionally. And groundbreaking platforms such as ‘AI Comes Out of the Closet’ are shaping a uniquely queer industry within a predominantly heteronormative technology landscape. 

AI Comes Out of the Closet” is an innovative system developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It merges AI technology with LGBTQIA+ advocacy by simulating social interactions related to “coming out of the closet.” Users engage with AI-generated virtual characters, allowing them to refine their approach to LGBTQIA+ support in a safe and controlled environment.  

Live Demonstration: ChatGPT & DEI 

The session took an exhilarating turn as our AI experts engaged in real-time interactions with OpenAI’s ChatGPT software. Crowd-sourced word prompts were quickly transformed into three paragraphs per second of generated content. Nearly 100 Propheteers participated, dissecting the platform’s tone regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). They explored the accuracy and usefulness of the responses, as well as the platform’s limitations related to identity.  

The prompts spanned from practical requests like ‘Give me 10 reasons why workplace acceptance is crucial for people who identify as queer’ to creative challenges such as ‘Compose a Shakespearean Sonnet about a queer professional coming out at work, infused with an Aussie flair.’ The platform’s captivating responses fueled even wilder crowd-sourced inputs, including cultural colloquialisms and their reflection in the generated content. 

Image 1: ChatGPT Prompt and Answer 


The session concluded with our experts and attendees sharing real-world examples of how AI has empowered their day-to-day work, particularly in the context of DEI-related initiatives at Prophet. Our global community gained valuable insights, practical tips and cautionary considerations for using these platforms, especially when discussing sensitive topics like identity, DEI and broader LGBTQIA+ advocacy. 

I had a great time moderating this panel and want to thank the panelists: Jesse Smith, Mario Mugrace and Ashely Burgess. 

Other exciting Pride @ Prophet programming this month includes: 

  • Lunch & Learn: Identity & Innovation with the Co-Founders of Ringlet, a social planning technology with big ambitions to fight the loneliness epidemic. 
  • Keynote Speaker: Queer Code and Migrant Consciousness: Crafting a New Poetics of Home with Halim Madi, a global poet whose work delves into queerness, the immigrant experience and the vivid colors evoked by plants. 
  • Local Events: Pride Social Gatherings in Prophet’s offices in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Austin. 

Happy Pride Month! 🌈 


Curating diverse content remains essential for increasing queer visibility. AI algorithms play a pivotal role by recommending inclusive media that ensures representation across various identities. Additionally, AI-driven moderation fosters respectful dialogue within online communities. As we continue this journey, let’s harness the power of thoughtful AI to create a more inclusive and understanding world. 

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