The Cultural Levers of Pharma’s Transformation

Cultural transformation requires a human-centered approach, in order to bring along their broader workforce.

Our latest research with pharma executives from around the globe offers an actionable playbook for driving cultural change, helping organizations to focus their efforts and ensure culture is fully aligned to support transformation.

From where to start, to where to go next, The Cultural Levers of Pharma’s Transformation helps business leaders understand where to focus their efforts based on their greatest needs for cultural change and how to bring their broader workforce along on this important transformation journey.

In this report you will learn:

  • Why culture – and taking a human-centered approach – remains a key element in any successful transformation
  • How to determine key cultural levers on which to focus, based on your organization’s greatest needs for cultural change
  • The critical characteristics for leaders to embody in bringing their organizations along on the transformation journey
  • Best practices and examples of how other pharma companies are moving forward

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