Transforming Healthcare: The Forces That Redefine Work and Culture

It requires centering brands on a strategic purpose to create shared value and engaging brand experiences.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated that all types of healthcare organizations—pharmaceuticals and biotechs, health insurers and hospital systems, device and equipment manufacturers—could change successfully, at scale and with great speed. Despite the formidable challenges, many organizations were effective in taking deliberate steps to upend historical ways of working and cultural norms.

This research dives into the industry’s change readiness and synthesizes perspectives on culture transformation from 70+ senior leaders across healthcare sectors.

Read this report to gain deeper insights on:

  • The external forces that are expected to create enduring changes in organizational cultures
  • Tips for how healthcare and life sciences organizations can prepare for future evolution by instilling adaptability and resilience in their people and teams
  • A recommended path forward that enables leaders to drive successful and lasting transformation

The analysis and recommendations captured in this dynamic report will help executives advance the lessons forward by building stronger cultures and teams while accelerating their transformation journeys.

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