Fintech Frontier: Michael Dritsas on Meeting Customers Where They’re At

The CEO of Vlot, an insurtech company, talks about the need for seamless financial checkups.

15 min


Fintech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption is a series of interviews with leading fintech disruptors. In this episode, Prophet Partner Tosson El Noshokaty chats with Michael Dritsas, CEO of Vlot. Vlot is an insurtech company that partners with insurers, corporations and banks to deliver seamless financial checkups (white label risk analysis and coverage solutions) so customers and B2B organizations can become more financially responsible.

Michael discusses how Vlot is taking a fiercely customer-centric, bottom-up approach to insurance – providing data-rich insights to customers that fit into their lifestyles and goals. Watch the full interview to learn how Vlot is building enduring relationships with customers on their digital transformation journeys.

About Fintech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption

The Financial services industry is evolving rapidly with important shifts in market dynamics & customer expectations.  Prophet’s fintech interview series FinTech Frontier: Prophet Talks Disruption brings you one-on-one interviews with the thought leaders and innovators transforming financial services. Each episode showcases a FinTech leader story that is revolutionizing banking, payments, insurance, and all other areas disrupting our industry.