Catalysts: The Collaborative Advantage

Accelerate transformation by unlocking the power of collaboration across the organization and working environments.

Collaboration is the future of work, benefiting customers, employees and your bottom line. The trouble is executing it effectively. As hybrid and remote working proliferate, it’s never been more important to ask: Are we collaborating effectively?

For business leaders, it’s imperative to find the right way forward. Siloed work, detached from organizational goals, is still common.

The latest global research from our Organization & Culture practice offers actionable tactics to unlock the power of collaboration across all working environments through a holistic, human-centered approach.

A focus on cross-organizational collaboration is another means to accelerate transformation. This report outlines the three phases organizations need to progress through in order to evolve their understanding of effective collaboration and drive better results.

Key Takeaways:

  • A deep dive into collaboration today and the opportunities in remote, hybrid and face-to-face workplaces
  • A new model: Prophet’s Collaboration Flywheel, helps leaders and organizations move toward a collaborative environment that is sustainable and delivers more impactful outcomes faster over time
  • Understanding collaboration as a muscle and its power to unlock the potential of a more human-centered organization and accelerate transformation
  • The enhanced outcomes and benefits for the business and individuals – beyond financial gains

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Catalysts | The Collaborative Advantage

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