Transforming Healthcare: The Changemaker Playbook

Tackling the top four areas ripe for innovation and transformation in healthcare, this report inspires action and impact with big-picture strategic ideas and tactical tips for driving change.

Change is hard, especially in healthcare. But in the sometimes lagging, but always vital industry, transformative change enables real people with real needs to live better lives. Not to mention, change strengthens bottom lines, improves investor returns and supports a more productive and sustainable society. That’s a powerful and synergistic business case to inspire all people that work in healthcare to take on the challenge of driving innovation.  

At face value, becoming a “changemaker,” can be daunting. It requires bravery and a clear sense of direction. This new report, from Prophet’s Healthcare team, was written to empower and guide healthcare’s future changemakers so they can ignite change in the industry and realize their transformation goals.  

Based on interviews with 29 senior leaders in healthcare, extensive market research and decades of experience helping healthcare organizations transform, “Transforming Healthcare: The Changemaker’s Playbook,” provides insights and recommendations to drive necessary change in healthcare.  

Download the report for: 

  • Deep dives into four areas ripe for innovation and transformation in healthcare:
    • The rise of connected and empowered consumers
    • The expansion of care outside the hospital
    • The ascendancy of Value-Based Care
    • The decentralization and democratization of data
  • Highly relevant commentary and insights from industry leaders across the ecosystem 
  • Digestible and achievable “next steps” for leaders seeking to become changemakers

Transforming Healthcare: The Changemaker Playbook

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