Impossible Math

Why the healthcare labor crisis is more than just a people problem – and how to solve it.

The healthcare industry is facing a massive labor and operating model problem – one that involves a predicted workforce shortage of up to 3.2 million people. With more than a quarter of the industry workforce planning to leave in the next two years and $9 billion in annual burnout-related turnover costs the healthcare industry is at a crossroads. So, where do we start?  

Prophet suggests that the solution starts with our nurses. In this report, we clarify the magnitude of the crisis, identify tangible issues to tackle and introduce viable solutions that will begin to drive impact against this behemoth of a challenge.  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Addressing the workforce shortage starts with a focus on nurses. By starting with the largest population of clinical workers, we can begin to make a more meaningful impact on the collective workforce challenge.
  • Sustainable solutions to this crisis are not just about workforce retention. They will require us to revisit hiring and talent development practices, redesign care delivery models and the roles required, and rethink the infrastructure needed to support innovation and scale care.
  • Ultimately, to drive meaningful impact for nurses, we need to hear from nurses. Once nurses have a say in the tools and solutions we develop for them, real change can happen.
  • Before jumping to the most ground-breaking innovations, we must bring ourselves back to the day-to-day needs of our nurses. Simplifying their routines with technology can help them feel heard and improve employee and patient satisfaction.
  • Prophet’s Human-Centered Transformation Model™ can help you understand where your organization can begin to tackle organizational and cultural dynamics that contribute to the labor crisis.

Impossible Math

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