Evan is a partner in Prophet’s Atlanta office, where he specializes in transformation strategy, helping clients create innovative digital solutions that drive business growth.

His skillful balance of business consulting and advanced analytics comes from a close–and often skeptical–relationship with numbers. He believes--as Ronald Coase once said--that "if you torture data long enough, it will confess to anything." But he also knows that the best solutions come from many sources, including classical literature, Glam rock and artificial intelligence.

Before joining Prophet, he was vice president of data strategy at Publicis Sapient AI Labs, overseeing delivery and go-to-market planning for its data engineering and data science disciplines. He’s also held data science leadership roles at Razorfish and J. Walter Thompson.

Evan earned a master’s degree in probability and applications from Pierre and Marie Curie University and an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His interests include games of chance (he’s played poker professionally), epic fantasy novels, the guitar and being a punching bag for small children.

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