Gibran is an associate partner in Prophet’s New York office and specializes in using behavioral insights to solve complex problems and accelerate revenue growth. Starting from this intersection of behavior and economics, he helps clients build and scale successful new businesses that are purpose fit for the digital age.

His behavioral insights come from life as a perpetual immigrant. He’s lived, worked and studied in ten cities in Asia, North America, Europe and Africa. This broad global perspective informs his work with companies in many industries, including insurance, healthcare and private equity.

Before joining Prophet, he worked at Capgemini Consulting, supporting business transformations, led a small consulting business and worked in structured finance & private equity. Gibran started his career as a legislative aid for the President of Philadelphia’s City Council.

Gibran earned an MBA from INSEAD and an undergraduate degree in economics and political science from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. He splits his time between New York and Toronto, where he lives in a renovated church.

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