Michael is a director of product management in Prophet’s New York office, specializing in product-led transformations that drive business value.

Powered by curiosity, he’s a determined problem-solver and has worked through complex concepts in multiple industries. Before joining Prophet, he built and led the product department at andros, a mid-stage healthcare start-up. He also spent almost a decade at Bridgewater Associates, building a software system that the hedge fund commercialized into a new entity. And he’s co-produced one of the Burning Man’s biggest theme camps.

Michael started his career in the entertainment industry focused on motion picture talent representation, where he learned about product packaging.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch College of Business. On weekends, you’ll find him outdoors (he skis, sails, scuba dives and surfs) or exploring New York’s museums.

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