Omar Akhtar

Former Senior Analyst and Research Director
San Francisco

Omar Akhtar is a former senior analyst and research director at Altimeter, a Prophet Company where he publishes research and advises companies on digital marketing innovation. His recent areas of focus include content strategy, data-driven personalization, customer experience technology and multi-channel marketing. He is also researching the new field of augmented and virtual reality.

His research reports include industry benchmarks, maturity models, and guides for content strategy, marketing technology and data-driven personalization.

Omar has frequently served as a moderator and speaker in conferences and panel discussions on the above topics, and has been quoted as a technology expert in leading publications, including National Public Radio, CNET, Forbes, Digiday, TechCrunch, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Omar holds a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University and was formerly the editor-in-chief of the digital marketing blog The Hub Comms. He was also a writer for Direct Marketing News, PRWeek, Fortune Magazine and The Brooklyn Ink.

“We find the insights for an end-to-end digital transformation by digging deeply into each strategic issue and into the data, looking for fresh ideas and practical solutions.”

Expertise Areas

  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Transformation

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