Alteon Health

Creating a customer-centric healthcare brand


In 2017, New Mountain Capital, a private equity investment firm, brought together Emergency Medical Associates (EMA) and Island Medical Management (IMM), two U.S.-based leaders in outsourced healthcare practice management services, to create a best-in-class organization focused on delivering the highest quality healthcare. Prophet helped New Mountain Capital and IMM/EMA executives create a new brand—including the brand strategy, name and visual identity, as well as a dynamic website to act as a recruiting tool for the new organization —in only five months’ time.


We began by articulating the brand’s strategy. The positioning needed to speak to the positive impact the integrated organization creates for its patients, physician employees and hospital customers, while reflecting its core differentiators — most importantly, the passion, loyalty and expertise of its physicians and medical professionals, as well as the use of cutting-edge data analytics to empower them to be at their best. Reflecting on these strengths, we articulated a simple, compelling positioning: “Positive Outcomes, Powered by People.”

We then translated this positioning into a new name. We explored around 1,000 name candidates across territories and styles, but one name stood out from the beginning: Alteon Health. A coined name, Alteon brings together “alta,” speaking to heights, and “eon,” which signals constant or continuous forward momentum, telling a story about the relentless passion of Alteon’s people and partners in delivering better outcomes for their patients.

Our next step was to bring the name to life visually. We created a graphic logo mark with a horizontal notch in the “A”, creating an upward arrow that reinforces the meaning of the name. We complemented this mark with a bright color palette and graphic system that uses neon concentric circles, which suggest the organization’s ongoing impact and create a device for highlighting data.

We then coupled the visual system with the brand strategy and messaging to create a dynamic website that introduces Alteon Health to the world.


The Alteon Health brand launched in October of 2017, and now supports 125 hospitals and facilities in delivering high-quality medical care to more than three million patients each year. With its new brand in place to unite, inspire and galvanize its people, Alteon Health is looking to the future, continuing to find new ways to help its partners deliver better outcomes to their patients and communities, every day.