Cerner Enviza

Launching a real-world data and evidence operating unit into market


Cerner realized through its real-world data that it had the ability to make the process of developing lifesaving medicine quicker and more cost-efficient. To further augment its capabilities, it acquired Kantar Health, the healthcare research and consulting solutions division within Kantar Group.

With the combined capabilities of data and real-world evidence expertise, Cerner aspired to enter the market with a new offering that drove collaboration between providers and the pharmaceutical industry to answer complex clinical research questions and to accelerate therapies. Cerner asked Prophet to help support the creation of this new operating unit, which would transform the way care was delivered and improve patient outcomes.


Prophet leveraged the assets and reputation of the Cerner brand, while at the same time creating new assets and equities that spoke to its transformative business evolution.

Prophet partnered with key leaders across the organization to integrate the combined capabilities of data and research expertise. Our team worked to develop a new brand that both captured Cerner’s heritage and brand strength while folding in its new capabilities and the unique growth opportunities they presented. The team developed the name Cerner Enviza, a coined word based on ‘envision’ that conveys the remarkable clarity the new operating unit would bring to healthcare’s most important decisions.

In support of the new unit’s purpose, we created a brand identity system with a fresh logo, color palette, photography, iconography and much more. The new brand successfully struck a balance between Cerner’s heritage and its new future in accelerating the discovery and development of therapies.


When Cerner publicly announced its new operating unit, Cerner Enviza, David Feinberg, M.D., President and CEO, looked to the brand’s future and stated, “With Cerner Enviza, we can arm researchers with diverse tools and datasets to help them address these challenges and help change the way we develop and deliver care for our patients.”

From the onset of its entry into the market, the organization had a strong solution for bringing transformative growth to the healthcare industry that will ultimately help achieve better patient outcomes.

“Prophet brought a wealth of information and knowledge that helped clarify the choices of how best to communicate our unique proposition, align our stakeholders and get us to a great solution.”

Dawn Riedel
Former Head of Corporate Marketing