Cool Earth 

Developing a diversity, equity and inclusion playbook to unite employees around the world  


Cool Earth, a UK rainforest conservation charity, needed to grow faster. It wanted to achieve that growth by increasing donations and working more effectively as a team. An inherently diverse organization, with active initiatives ranging from Peru to Papua New Guinea, it hoped to increase inclusion and connection to drive impact across its geographies.  


We started with stakeholder interviews at all organizational levels, and in all regions. Those led to collaborative working sessions, where we helped co-create a revised set of corporate values and behaviors. With those clarified values, the team developed a new plan for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives to unite employees around the world. And to help these new efforts take hold faster, we developed signature DEI experiences, such as a buddy system. Each employee now has a go-to support person, which improves engagement and increases communication and connection between local teams. 


Cool Earth is putting this playbook and change roadmap to work, including initiatives to provide equal opportunities and localized and empowered leadership. With knowledge-sharing forums, DEI education policies, communication plans and processes to track employee engagement, it’s poised for faster growth. That means it can have more impact where it matters most: protecting the world’s rainforests and the indigenous people who live there. 

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