Sending an iconic airline and true challenger brand soaring into the future  


JetBlue, a prominent U.S. airline, was founded with the grand ambition of challenging other established carriers. Based on the promise of excellent, affordable service, JetBlue consistently offers customers a better way to travel. 

Despite being known for its distinctive wit and irreverent spirit, the company’s visual identity had grown tired, having travelled a few too many miles without a meaningful rebrand since its initial launch. JetBlue no longer reflected how its employees and travellers saw the carrier, nor did it capture what made the brand special. To address this, JetBlue engaged Prophet to refresh its brand and better reflect its competitive edge in the airline industry.   


We evaluated each touchpoint in the JetBlue experience, assessing the airline’s existing identity and market positioning. Initially, our focus was on re-energizing JetBlue’s day-to-day marketing communications. However, through close collaboration with the JetBlue team, it became clear that a more comprehensive approach was needed.

Our scope expanded, and we embarked on crafting a holistic vision for the brand’s future. Together, we developed and launched a completely revitalized JetBlue brand identity. 

Our scope expanded, and we embarked on crafting a holistic vision for the brand’s future. Together, we developed and launched a completely revitalized JetBlue brand identity. 


The ambitious rebranding initiative has positioned JetBlue for its next stage of growth and demonstrates its ongoing dedication to innovation. Entering a transitional year with an invigorated visual identity, this strategic shift has already led to increased customer interest and conversion. JetBlue continues to challenge industry norms, redefining what customers can expect from a cost-conscious airline. And this differentiating spirit is now beautifully reflected in the new brand identity and the plane liveries. 

Re-asserting JetBlue’s challenger spirit

Our idea centered on a core truth at the heart of the brand: its challenger spirit and character. Every creative decision was made to vividly bring this unique personality to life. 

“JetBlue’s brand is synonymous with irreverence and personality, yet its identity wasn’t fully embodying these traits. Our mission was to bring this back at a time when the company was preparing itself for its next stage of growth.”  

Andres Nicholls 
Global Executive Creative Director  

Wit, positivity and plenty of carry-on character

Tone of voice has always been a key differentiator for JetBlue. We meticulously crafted every element of the visual identity system to amplify that voice. It’s designed to be flexible and seamlessly adapting to the practical requirements of each touchpoint, ensuring the effective delivery of JetBlue’s distinctive writing style. From the typeface to the color palette and copy, every aspect communicates with humor, capturing JetBlue’s youthful energy and positivity.

Illustrations tell the story 

Collaborating with Ben Wiseman, we crafted playful illustrations that narrate travel stories and provide imaginative perspectives. Ranging from the whimsical to the extraordinary, they express concepts that can’t always be captured through photography alone – providing yet another way for JetBlue to stand apart from the crowd. 

Imagery captures moments we love 

We’ve all encountered the typical, overly polished destination images. Our approach was to capture those authentic micro-moments that resonate with customers. By keeping imagery simple, subtle and uncluttered, our marketing becomes more relatable – without falling into clichés. 

Created to drive impact 

JetBlue’s new designs aim to turn heads, make a statement and elevate every moment of the experience. Setting an ambitious vision from the outset, Prophet and JetBlue have reshaped the brand expression into one that honors the past while preparing the carrier for its next phase of growth. The rollout continues across many of JetBlue’s primary marketing and communication channels.

Reimagining JetBlue’s liveries  

The project also evolved to include a redesign of JetBlue’s commercial livery. The reimagined identity and updated livery honor JetBlue’s legacy by retaining recognizable tailfin patterns, now extending beyond the tailfin to envelop the entire rear fuselage, ensuring maximum brand impact, visible both in the skies and at the gates.  

Launching JetBlue to the world  

The first of the new designs took flight in the second half of 2023, heralding the beginning of JetBlue’s fleet-wide transformation. We’re proud of how we helped make the fleet bolder. Bluer. Newer.

“Opportunities like this don’t come around very often. Guiding transformative change for an iconic brand like JetBlue, working so closely with their team, has been a privilege. The company is on an exciting journey and being part of it has been a phenomenal experience.” 

Chris Benson 
Associate Creative Director

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