Creating an aspirational brand in a functional category


30 years ago, MET-Rx invented protein powder. But, as competitors caught up, MET-Rx didn’t continue as innovators of the category. Over time, the brand lost its relevance and limited its growth by focusing on the culture of professional body-building. So, Met-Rx partnered with Prophet to revitalize its messaging strategy in order to take back the category it created and regain relevance in mainstream culture.


We designed a research strategy to better understand the MET-Rx customer—who they are, what matters to them and what they’re looking for. We engaged them in intimate co-creation focus groups and mobile shop-alongs to get ideas for how MET-Rx could begin to speak to them. Then, leveraging the strengths of our business in strategy, marketing and design, Prophet developed various brand messaging platforms and tested them in qualitative sessions with consumers and stakeholders alike. The rich feedback, suggestions and insight we gleaned from the testing sessions gave us specific direction so we could create the final brand idea.


Since launching its new messaging strategy, Met-Rx has revitalized its brand by comprehensively rolling out the Prophet-created “You Can’t Fake Strong” brand idea. This new direction includes a new website, logo refresh, brand line, brand story, updated product packaging and partnerships.

Prophet was also engaged to help create a name and key messaging for their latest product innovation which reinforces the brand idea. With their new direction, Met-Rx has developed a clear path forward for both innovation and communications. With the strategic partnership of Tough Mudder, MET-Rx is living the “You Can’t Fake Strong” brand and quickly regaining relevance with mainstream athletes.