NewStyle Media Group

Creating NSMG’s brand story to fuel future growth


Established in 2015, NewStyle Media Group (NSMG) has grown quickly to span artist management, music publishing, record labels, TV/film production, merchandise and gaming. NSMG is on an exciting journey of growth with new intellectual properties, formats and capital.

In the industry, best-in-class entertainment brands focus on the customer, highlighting messages of inspiration, emotions, and resonance. Wanting to stand out in the crowded market across geographies, cultures and mediums, NSMG decided to partner with Prophet to reimagine its brand story and visual identity.


Our team first developed a brand story that sits at the intersection of three factors: Company, Consumer and Category. Understanding NSMG’s unique ambition and capabilities in addition to its competitors and target audience, our team explored how to combine these elements to tell an inspiring brand story.  

We explored the unique capabilities of NSMG with the intention of introducing the world to unique Eastern culture and values. NSMG’s main audience profile was focused on passionate, bold and opinioned female Gen Zs who seek new and exciting things. To create messaging that resonated with the audience, we needed to gain a clear understanding of the brand’s audience and what they were looking for. We also researched best-in-class entertainment brands for inspiration to identify opportunities for differentiation.   

The new brand story articulated NSMG’s vision to connect audiences around the world with creative expression that is intrinsically human. We also established a new brand purpose – “Breaking barriers and bringing people together”.  

To help showcase their vision, Prophet then created the “New Wave Expression”. The “Wave” graphic connects to NSMG’s Chinese name Xin Pai (新湃), which means new wave or the uprising of NSMG. It is a visual interpretation of the sound NSMG is creating through music, film and media, while bringing it to the global audience.  


Together, we helped NSMG revise its brand story with a refreshed visual identity. The rebrand helps NSMG accelerate its next wave of growth by amplifying a new wave of energy and movement to inspire and bring people together.

“We are very pleased to have worked with Prophet on what turned out to be a hugely successful project. The team had a thorough understanding of our needs and worked very hard to achieve our mutual goals. Prophet demonstrated both deep local insights and strong international expertise and impressed us with its agility in collaborating across different regional offices.” 

Mimzy Si
Former Senior VP, NewStyle Media Group

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