Wooing young wine lovers with break-through creative and a full-funnel media campaign


It turns out wine drinkers in America are thoroughly bored with the current online shopping options and wine clubs. Instead, young, wine-curious consumers want to broaden their horizons, but they’re frustrated that it’s so hard to explore America’s thousands of independent wineries.  

Enter Scoperta!, a start-up that provides a richer experience for shopping for wine, including a fun, manageable exploration process. To disrupt the e-commerce wine market, Scoperta! needed name recognition and a digital marketing strategy to drive demand. 

Scoperta! tasked Prophet with two objectives: create a buzz-worthy digital activation to accelerate name recognition, and develop a digital media campaign that included management, planning, buying and SEO strategy. 


Our team leaned into the brand’s charm, wit and audacious name to develop and orchestrate a digitally-focused campaign to connect with a new wave of discerning wine buyers – through an opera, of course! 

First, we created a video opera, complete with beautiful arias. It tells the tragic tale of poor Brenda, a wine-loving woman disenchanted with the typical services of e-commerce wine brands. Her love affair with Scoperta! brought our “wine discovery made simple” campaign to life.  

To reach our audience of adventurous customers aged 25 to 55, we developed a full-funnel media plan that leveraged video, podcast, search and social to drive awareness. Meanwhile, display, search and social drove consideration and conversion. Our team strategically chose specific tactics across each funnel stage, with prospecting audiences at the top and high intent/retargeting audiences at the bottom. We then paired the campaign’s creative with each tactic accordingly and tested various formats to optimize the performance.  


The campaign creative and media plan drove unprecedented engagement on YouTube. As we continually solidified learnings from smaller segments, we opened the campaign to a national buy, increasing brand awareness and driving sales during the company’s first months in the market.   

The opera video was a finalist for Most Effective Use of Video in the 2022 Drum Social Media Awards and was shortlisted for two categories in the 2022 New York Festivals’ Advertising Awards: Start-Up: Best Use: Small Budget/Big Idea andStart-Up: Products & Services: Food/Drink/Restaurants. 



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