Sodexo Healthcare France

Prescribing a new value proposition amidst a global pandemic


Healthcare is fundamentally changing around the world. Sodexo, an international leader that provides services that improve quality of life for patients, visitors and healthcare professionals, recognized that it needed to make some changes to better compete in the market and to be relevant to its customers’ evolving needs. Sodexo needed to clearly articulate its value proposition for the future, building on what the business could deliver today.

After creating a new value proposition in the U.S., Prophet partnered with Sodexo’s healthcare business in France to create a locally relevant proposition, one that elevates its healthcare credentials and translates it in a customer-centric way – allowing the organization to better connect on an emotional and functional level with clients in the region.


Recognizing the differences that exist between countries, cultures and their public and private healthcare systems, the Prophet team started by immersing themselves in the context of the French market. The team interpreted customer insights and conducted a series of interviews with members of Sodexo’s leadership and sales teams to understand the needs and objectives of the firm locally. Prophet also did research into Sodexo’s brand perception outside of the healthcare sector in order to provide objective recommendations.

The first phase of the project was to define the pillars that truly stand at the core of Sodexo Healthcare’s value proposition in France – to which strategy and communications would be anchored. As the project was completed against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, this was developed through collaborative working sessions, all conducted virtually by the Prophet team who leveraged digital platforms to create a truly engaging experience. This included one session with the full Executive Committee where the team assessed different options and aligned on the way forward – reflecting the centrality of the value proposition for all functions in the Healthcare organization.

With the strategic foundation in place, an associated slogan and messaging platform were also developed so the Sodexo team could speak with one united and consistent voice internally and to their customers externally around the slogan: ‘Vers l’avenir du soin’/’Towards the Future of Care’. Ambitious and forward-looking, the slogan reflects the aspiration of Sodexo to continuously improve the healthcare conditions in France through a human-centric focus on care, doubling down on their leadership position in the industry and the strength of their expertise.


Delivered within a compressed timeframe, Sodexo began rolling out the new value proposition in France in a matter of weeks. With the pandemic still surging, it was a unique opportunity for Sodexo to show its commitment to its new value proposition. The associated messages that were pushed via key communications channels, including social media, addressed the current environment, delivering compassion and connecting on an emotional level with audiences. Armed with this new value proposition, Sodexo is prepared to thrive in the changing healthcare environment.

“The Prophet team convinced us with their vision and did not fail to keep their promise during our work together. The final result is very satisfactory.”

Nataliane Thoulon
Director of Strategy, Sodexo Healthcare France