The Water Trust

Building a brand strategy and visual identity for a unique nonprofit organization


The Water Trust is a nonprofit organization that teams with communities in the developing world to create sustainable, effective water hygiene and sanitation systems. Their operating model educates East African communities about proper sanitation practices and empowers them by providing access to freshwater. The Water Trust envisions a world where access to water, sanitation and basic hygiene knowledge is universal. But what makes their organization unique is how they pursue their mission. We wanted to help The Water Trust build a brand strategy that mirrored not just what they provide but how they provide it, and more importantly what it means for the people they help, their staff on the ground, partner organizations and donors.


Prophet volunteered its services and expertise to help The Water Trust clarify its distinctive brand positioning and attributes, which emphasize transparency, empowerment and delivering measurable, lasting results. The accompanying visual system was chosen to reinforce this spirit; putting water at the center while implying that it is shared, reinforcing the collaborative nature of the organization. The visual identity we developed is a clean, strong wordmark featuring a blue droplet symbol at the center, underscoring the central role that water plays in the organization’s mission. The visual system and renewed brand positioning will support the organization as it explores new technologies and geographies in the future.


The launch of their new website combined with the renewed visual system will enable The Water Trust to provide better education and drive awareness about the need for clean water and sanitation in East Africa.

“As a small and growing nonprofit, first impressions matter a lot. The Water Trust brand strategy and visual system has been instrumental in getting us conversations with granting organizations we typically wouldn’t.”

Chris Prottas
Executive Director, The Water Trust