Prophet Recognized Among Notable Innovation Consulting Firms

March 1, 2024

NEW YORK – Prophet, the global growth and transformation consultancy, received recognition among notable vendors in the Forrester Research report, The Innovation Consulting Landscape, Q1 2024. This comprehensive report offers insights into 26 innovation service providers, empowering business leaders to forge strategic partnerships that accelerate their innovative solutions in an environment of rapid change. ​

“We’re pleased that this inclusion will bring greater attention to the innovation portion of our growth and innovation strategy business,” said Michael Dunn, Chairman and CEO.​

“Markets are continuously shifting at increasing speed, putting a premium on our client’s ability to simultaneously evolve how they combine their assets to create value while also demonstrating how they bring that value to market. Our go-to-market innovation services accelerate their time to launch and help them to drive uncommon growth,” said Abram Sirignano, senior partner and global head of Prophet’s Innovation practice. ​

The report states, “Successful organizations keep tweaking their innovation processes based on rigorous outcome measurement and new market insight.” The authors acknowledge that leaders should target innovations consultants as they will help develop the skills and practices needed for continuous innovation. ​

“We’ve spent the last six years integrating our product, service, and experience innovation services with our brand, marketing, organization and culture offerings. The breadth and alignment of our current capabilities mean that we can help clients both build the capabilities to rapidly create and commercialize new go-to-market offerings as well as to accelerate their path to market,” said Tony Fross, partner in Prophet’s Innovation practice. ​

The landscape is designed to help leaders understand the value an innovation firm provides, learn how each firm differs and examine providers based on their business needs. ​

If you have a Forrester subscription, read the report here.​

About Prophet

Prophet is a growth and transformation consulting firm that helps leaders unlock uncommon growth. The type of growth that isn’t just bigger, more profitable or faster. It’s rich with possibility and aligns with where the world is now — and where it will be tomorrow. Uncommon growth is purposeful, transformative and sustainable.

With 15 global offices and 600+ strategists, data analysts, marketers, digital experts and creatives, Prophet has worked with the world’s most successful companies, including CVS Health, Home Depot, Marriott, Netflix, Electrolux and UBS, partnering with them from strategy to in-market execution. Our teams are committed to partnering with clients to develop solutions that drive lasting impact and help move society forward.

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