MetLife Rebrand: The Power of a Customer Centered Approach

With new visual branding, tagline and customer-experience strategy, the insurer recommits to its customers.

Companies that don’t just listen to their customers, but embrace them as true partners are those best poised to achieve commercial and brand success today. After more than one year of intense consumer research, surveying more than 55,000 customers around the world, MetLife found one universal truth: consumers are overwhelmed with the pace of change and looking for a trusted partner to help them navigate it.

In the most significant change to the MetLife brand in over 30 years, MetLife’s rebranding brings to life its role as a trusted partner to its customers as they navigate life’s twist and turns. With new visual branding, a new tagline  and a new take on its customer experiences, the brand is demonstrating its commitment to its customers.

Prophet Works with MetLife on Historic Rebrand

Prophet is proud to have worked with MetLife to develop a new logo and visual branding that reflects the new direction of the company and its new tagline “MetLife. Navigating life together.”

Creative Review noted in its recent article: “The rebrand forms part of a wider strategy to put customer experience at the heart of the business. Prophet says the symbol represents the idea of a lifelong partnership between MetLife and its customers.”

“MetLife’s rebranding brings to life its role as a trusted partner to its customers as they navigate life’s twist and turns.”

Three Examples of MetLife Pamphlets

Campaign magazine wrote: “Long synonymous with Snoopy and the Peanuts gang, the company will phase out the use of those comics characters. A blue and green stylized “M” will now serve as the logo, alongside a multichannel visual identity and a new tagline.”

It added: “The new look was created by agency and brand consultancy Prophet, which was heavily involved in helping MetLife redefine its overall brand strategy late last year, a move that helped trigger the decision to rebrand.”

MetLife App Displayed on Smartphones

The rebrand has attracted a lot of attention across the insurance industry and in the media. We are thrilled to partner with MetLife to help bring their new company vision to life. You can read more about the rebrand in Advertising Age, Bloomberg and Adweek.


It’s not always easy to update branding, especially when it means leaving behind characters as beloved as Snoopy. But it’s critical to shape brand identity around strategies for the future, reflecting what today’s core audiences say they need and value most.

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