The Healthcare Shift: The Transformation to Customer-Centricity

Patients want to be treated as participants in their health. They need to be empowered, engaged and enabled.

The Transformation to Consumer Centricity

Today’s healthcare world belongs to the ‘e-consumer’. The ‘e-consumer’ is the result of increased access to information, enhanced consumer experiences in other industries and uncontrollable rises in healthcare costs.

‘E-consumers’ need to be treated as powerful participants in their own health in partnership with healthcare organizations. They need to be empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled. For the e-consumer, moments of health are just as important as moments of sickness.

To create empowered, engaged, equipped and enabled consumers, healthcare organizations must develop products, services and experiences that align with consumer needs. The only way to do this is to become consumer-centric. Consumer centricity in healthcare requires that every team, service line and department exist to serve the consumer in a remarkable way, at every stage of the healthcare journey.

To understand what the healthcare industry is currently doing and can to do to reshape itself, Prophet conducted in-depth interviews with over 60 organizations around the globe, including large hospital systems, payers and pharmaceutical, medical device and digital health companies in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

During our conversations, Prophet set out to understand what these organizations are currently doing to be consumer-centric, where they would like to be in the future and the challenges they face in getting to their ideal state. From these interviews, Prophet identified five key shifts that organizations can make now to become more consumer-centric tomorrow. The shifts are universal to transformation, spanning the entire healthcare ecosystem and geographies around the world.

Our research revealed that not enough organizations have begun to make these shifts, and those who have started, haven’t made significant progress. In fact, less than 15 percent have made full progression on any of these necessary changes, revealing a massive opportunity for improvement.

Our most recent research has uncovered how payers, providers and pharma can accelerate their transformation to become more consumer-centric. Download the category research:




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